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    Something worth noting for people going Fade hunting, a group of 3 2/2 upgraded marines has about the same total HP as a 0/0 group with a single HA suit and doesn't cost you 25 res when the group dies. Something to think about when you're considering whether to go Arms Lab upgrades or Prot Lab.
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    we lock down the two we have and the aliens hammer us non-stop with Lerk/Fade/Gorge rushes. We once had one Fade and I think it was three freaking gorges assaulting our base, and we damn near lost it.

    Anyway, I beg the comm to get us level 2 and level 3 weapon upgrades. He eventually does, and, we kill off most of the threats except for one last bad **** Fade running around still (this is like 15 minutes after we locked down the hive we took, he was that good with Blink and Hit/Run).

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    I am not accussing you of lying or even embellishing as I know that NS games and matches can often run together and become convoluted in the mind; however, if you had a two hive lockdown secured, the "uber-fade" would not have the ability to blink as that is the third fade ability.
    Perhaps it was just hit and run after all? Maybe the fade you are thinking of was in a different scenario? I only point it out as I am not even certain a single clip of level 3 lmg and pistols can kill a carapaced fade with 2 defense towers healing him. Granted, you never knew for sure it was carapace, and could easily have been regen.
    To illustrate this why I am skeptical: It takes 58 bullets from a level 3 weapon upgraded lmg to kill a level 3 carapace fade. It takes 28 level 3 weapon upgraded pistol bullets to kill an level 3 carapaced fade. So technically it would take 50 lmg shots, and 4 pistol shots to kill him without ever missing....and that's without the healing of the defense chambers. Considering this was an "uber fade," the fact that the lmg cone of fire will cause SOME bullets to miss unless this was all at point blank range, and that you were dancing and dodging around the fade and "D" chambers....I wonder if this isn't a composite of multiple rounds that has just gotten muddled together in your mind?
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