Chambers Dropped On Phase Gates

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<div class="IPBDescription">A Flayra sanctioned tactic?</div> So, what's the prevailing sentiment on Gorges dropping chambers on top of phase gates to prevent marines from phasing through. Is there anything that's been said by any of the developers? I've searched and found nothing.

Is this cheesy, or good strategy?


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    I consider it a valid tactic. After all, if you give a gorge enough time to go to your phase gate, drop an oc, AND let the oc build, well then you deserve to be punished. And if a gorge could get this close without dying skulks could probably take it down anyway.
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    yeah but its always good to plop a chamber on it so no one can get through while your skulks are dining on phase gate
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    its really hard to drop a chamber on a phase before skulks finish eating it. If you put it on the phase before they eat it, they usually kill it anyway. So its not much of a 'tactic', cheesy or not.
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    I do this all the time, even a PG with turrets around it. Drop it in the middle of the PG and build it as much as you can until you get redeemed, and hopefully it can take a little bit of life off of some of the surrounding structures. If it's a lone phase gate then the marines are screwed. If the PG has turrets around it then it may take more than one trip to disable anything by dropping the OC.
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    nothing wrong with it. its just another way of destroying it.
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    Dropping OCs on PGs and INF Ports doesnt do anything Ive dropped and built on both and the marines can still spawn and phase in, they just start out above the structure, they still get hit by the stuff but they can use the PG and INF Ports
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    I've been built on as an Onos.

    Don't whine to me about placing OCs on PGs.
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    someone lock this. im tired of the people trying to start a riot about a so-called "NEW" exploit.

    STOP WITH EXPLOIT TALK. play more. thank you.
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    Doing so is considered cheap and mean by many players. I have seen times where a marine has phased through, killed both the skulk chomping and the gorge healing the phase gate. By plopping the chmaber down, it allows NO chance to do anything.

    And yes, this thread is going downhill, fast
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