Game freezes on save in both Steam and Epic version

baewestbaewest Join Date: 2021-01-08 Member: 266687Members
Here is my diag and save file:

Game freezes crashes in both steam and epic immediately after I try saving. Worked for the first 3 hours of play. A unity dialog box flashes briefly after it crashes in Epic, though it doesn't have an error code. Please help! I'm having lots of fun and want to play more!


  • eastofdeatheastofdeath usa Join Date: 2016-02-28 Member: 213559Members
    edited February 2021
    I also had a game freeze after saving, I opened the PDA and it was locked with no way to close it.
    I had to reboot PC, I am playing on steam....
    Also when ever I enter the map scanner room I can not leave, it seems like I get stuck on top step. I am on the current experimental branch. build 41814

    note: I have a new pc build will update specs later.
    in short I have 24 GB ram, a 4.00 GHZ CPU, and a 12 GB on the GPU
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    @baewest try running steam as admin, and verify integrity of game files. If that doesn't work, try making a game library outside of the "program files" folders. Windows is sometimes overprotective of files there, and won't allow overwriting.

    @eastofdeath try verifying integrity of game files, and see if the bug happens in a new game; use console commands linked in my signature to skip to the problem area. If it's still having trouble, try the regular branch of the game, see if it's happening there.
  • HernanAGHernanAG Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina Join Date: 2021-02-11 Member: 267627Members
    My game freezes when saving the game. A window appears with the game logo and this name 2019.2.17f1_441
    I can't save my game, it's really stressful because every time I want to play I start from scratch
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