More edible fish/ leviathan idea

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I feel like there could be more new edible fish in Subnautica: Below Zero. I made two little designs for them and a little leviathan design I call the Kratos Leviathan. The game is amazing so far, and I’ve loved every second of it! The only thing I wish is that there were a few more varying fish in different biomes. I see the peepers, Bladderfish and featherfish everywhere, but I don’t see many others. It’s just my opinion. So, I made these little designs that could spice things up!
Sapper- Sappers are another type of bottom feeder that could live around the Lillypaddlers. They use their six beaks to eat the dead plants and algae. They tend to stay close to the rocks and plant stems to be able to stay away from larger predators and find their way easily to crevices. They’d be filling but very dry when cooked, only being +2 to hydration.
Aerokthys- the Aerokthys (a combination of Aero for air and Ikthys for fish) is a relative of the Bladderfish that could live around Glow Whales and Rock Punchers. They eat plankton and Rock Bugs by sucking in what’re and blasting the excess and other waste out of symphons on the back of the creature. They then swim to the surface to fill in large floatation sacks that let it take a breath of fresh air, since they actually have lungs. They use the appendages just over their mouths to balance on top of the water. They don’t stay up for long, maybe about a minute or two before diving back down again. They would be good for hydration, basically having similar stats to the Bladderfish, aside from being able to fill the calorie meter a bit more.
Kratos Leviathan: this one I felt would be interesting to see around the glow whales. They would use their tails like the Shadow Leviathan’s legs; to grab onto your ship to attack. They would also be able to land on icebergs to attack pengwings. I felt it would be cool to be able to feed them peepers to distract them, like Reapers from the first game. They’d be able to take out 70 health on the player, and 30 for the Seatruck and Prawn suit.

These are just ideas I had. Again, I absolutely love the game! There’s so much love that has been put into it. Maybe I’m just being picky since I’m playing Below Zero right after replaying the original. I’m not sure. Let me know what you all think.

Thank you all!081qaaqkm4di.jpeg


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