[Below Zero] Safe to start a new game now ?

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Hi, concerning the savegames, is it safe to start a new game, now that the 'Relics of the past' update is out ?
Or is it highly possible that I'll have to start a new one when the 1.0 or another update will be out ?


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    Hi, I don't think you should if you really don't want ANY bug. For example with today's update (tiny's update), some PDAs i'v already read are now back in the game, but i cannot interact with them. Maybe it will fix itself after some loads.

    If you're only worried about starting new game and don't care about some bugs, have to wait for an answer from the devs. But i think they will always suggest to start a new one, if they don't make you.

    Salut, je le déconseille si tu ne veux vraiment aucun bug. Par exemple avec la mise à jour d'aujourd'hui (tiny's update), des PDAs que j'avais déjà ramassé sont de nouveau apparu et je ne peux pas interagir avec. Peut-être qu'ils vont disparaître de nouveau après quelques chargements.

    Si tu t'en moques de quelques bugs et que ce qui t'inquiètes c'est uniquement de recommencer une nouvelle partie, il va falloir attendre une réponse des dévs. Mais je pense qu'ils conseilleront toujours d'en recommencer une, s'ils ne l'obligent pas.
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    It's not a matter of bugs, but the fact to restart from scratch with a new savegame in some weeks or months.
    What I'd like to have indeed is an answer of a dev, to know if a kind of system is established to avoid us to start from scratch after hours of game.

    Ce n'est pas une question de bugs, mais le fait de repartir de zéro avec une nouvelle sauvegarde dans quelques semaines ou quelques mois.
    Ce que j'aimerais avoir en effet, c'est une réponse d'un dev, afin de savoir si une espèce de système a été mis en place pour nous éviter de repartir de zéro après des heures de jeu.
    Merci d'avoir traduit ta réponse =)
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    Any news up here? I´m also waiting that hard to start with BZ :-) Don´t care about bugs and love to help in case of feedback. But i don´t want to restart with my Savegames from begin...
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    That's always a risk with early access games, up until release. Unless the devs say otherwise, be mentally ready to restart if needed. It becomes a little safer when the game is "feature complete" but there typically are bugfixes/tweaks beyond that point.
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    As someone who played through it the last few weeks, I can tell you the story is MOSTLY finished (you can't complete it) but you never know what world changes they might make that totally mess up things you build in a dynamic game like this. So hard to say.
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    ah okey so I will wait untill games ready. Think this could be in the beginning of 2021!? So excited :smile:
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    Yeah, I took a chance and bought my first EA title, granted it was mostly due to the price hike and that I can trust these devs to do right by us, but the fact that the devs themselves suggested that most of the game is completed save for polishing and bug testing makes this a safe purchase as well as starting a new game!
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