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    One bug that I found is on a creative world, I was exiting my Cyclops near a Creepvine forest when I just fell. No water, no floating. Everything else worked, the animals still swimming, I could almost get out of the cave if I rode a bubble to the next ledge, but it kept popping. I could build, and it seemed I was the problem, as nothing else was broken. Even after quitting and rejoining, nothing is different. Please help!

    You can use the console command warpforward 1 to fix this issue, if you don't know how to activate cheats you can take a look at it on this page
    Alternatively if you don't want to use cheats you can build a hatch nearby and enter it, this will also reset the swimming state for the player.
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    So glad to see the PRAWN suit fix.
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    Stutter Bug

    My findings:

    -stable frametimes, so its not a fps issue
    -at first I thought the same frame gets displayed more then once, but after checking frame by frame its not true
    -its the player position that causes the stutter - some frames are rendered with wrong (outdated) positions

    Where it happens:

    -walking on land, bases, buildings, wrecks, Cyclops
    -swimming with or without seaglide when close to: bases,wrecks,buildings
    -when leaving Seamoth in open water (far away from bases,wrecks,buildings) - entering and leaving Seamoth again fixes the stutter

    It never happens when inside the Seamoth.

    Please fix this. The game is unplayable in the moment. This stutter is painful and unhealthy.
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    now you just need to fix the prawn suits jet pack on console.
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    So i need to say somethings first:
    -My english is bad, sorry.
    -I already beaten subnautica.
    -I play on a Xbox One and my subnautica is on internal storage.
    -Subnautica is one of my favorite games and i think the game is amazing but i have somethings to say about this update.

    Well i recently came back to subnautica and started a new save game on hardcore mode, and i found a lot of bugs. Some examples:
    -Render distance is broken(Mobs spawn like a 20 meters nearby)
    -Some structures taking like 30 seconds to load like the gun, aurora, precursor bases, wrecks and lifepods
    -Some textures in low resolution
    -Flora taking too long to load, like kelp, blood kelp, and the mushrooms in the mushroom cave and in the mushroom biome and sometimes can be prejudicial to the gameplay.
    -Blueprints taking too long to load like the cyclops parts and others.

    There are more bugs but this is the most commons.

    After 24 hours of my save in the hardcore, i felt on a part of the aquarium that aren't loaded and then the physics of water just bugged out, and i think that i "corrupted" my save. I dont think that i can do something so i just lost my save. I have some clips that appears most of the bugs that i said.

    And i have two questions:

    -Why the graphics of the Eye Candy update settings was removed?
    -Subnautica will be launched on the Xbox Serie X and Ps5?

    One more thing: This last update broke the "flow" of subnautica with the render distance and performace bug. I really hope some dev see this, i cant see this game just start to be a Fallout 76 and be impossible to beat.
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    Please add an online mode to play with friends
  • rchertzy46rchertzy46 Members Join Date: 2020-09-16 Member: 263999Posts: 1 Fully active user
    My saves still work too, but no files show in the Macintosh folder ~/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Subnautica/SNAppData/SavedGames Where are they?
  • kane8907kane8907 East Brunswick, NJ Members Join Date: 2020-09-09 Member: 263866Posts: 4 Fully active user
    After the update, some of the game instructions are slow to respond but others are normal. Tedious after 3 hours playing and now go sleep.
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    The pillar bug I have seen it again yesterday as I was traveling back to my base the pillars are gone. Not sure what the bug is but its still there.
  • dave8671dave8671 Members Join Date: 2020-10-17 Member: 264772Posts: 7 Fully active user
    Question how does the game update when you release an update?
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