Save error 2156068870

OrionsBlade69OrionsBlade69 MontanaMembers Join Date: 2018-01-24 Member: 235622Posts: 26 Advanced user
Does anyone know how to get this to stop? I got the new up date yesterday and hoped it would fix it. The fish spawning and other things have improved but I can not save my game. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it with no change. I also purged the Xbox memory and I still get the error. Tried starting a new game twice and still the same. I don't mind starting a new game but would really like to be able to save my progress, lol.


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    I have been having the exact same issue. I started having it late April 2018 before Xbox full release. When 1.0 came around the issue was fixed, but as of yesterday it has resurfaced with the exact same error code 2156068870. It’s so bad that I’ve memorized it. I vaguely remember uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it, but I’m not sure. I hope this gets fixed soon
  • OrionsBlade69OrionsBlade69 MontanaMembers Join Date: 2018-01-24 Member: 235622Posts: 26 Advanced user
    I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. I'd like to play it as I enjoy it and its relaxing. But, I dont enjoy several hours worth of work not being saved. It's so frustrating
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    Yeah i have the same problem on ps4 had to start a new game due to my original save vanishing after updating it and now i cant even save the game
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    I have the same problem on ps4 when I save a minute later it kicks me off and crashes
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    Try disabling cloud saves.
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    My son is getting 2156068870 when he tries to save. Disabling cloud save doesn’t help. Is there a fix for this please?
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    I can't save the progress, and it doesn't show me any error code, how can I fix that I love the game but I can't play now
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    I've been having a problem with "save data saving failed baked catch cells". Simply can't save the game and as far as I can see on the forums the devs haven't responded to this bug with saving on ps4.
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    Also having this issue. Seems to still save (for now) even though it says that it does not. Unsure of how long it’ll stay that way though.
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    My old world had the issue where it was saying it wasn't saving but it did. Also despawned half the pcf before I could get cured lol.

    Started a new game and have been religiously only saving in my escape pod nowhere else at all. Also haven't been building a lot and kept my world as tidy as possible as far as my interactions and building goes and only have 1 base. Haven't had any of the prior issues so far.

    I have every piece of tech unlocked and virtually everything that needs to be done on the surface completed. About to make a run to the lost river to get nickel and sulfur then come back to my pod and gear up for a final run to the ilz. Already have the enzyme ingredients and will take stuff to make a small base I can craft it in the aquarium. Hopefully she and her eggs wont despawn this way since I wont have to leave the room...hopefully.

    Theres something wrong with screenshots at least on ps4. I keep deleting a few I accidentally took and the game saves faster afterwards. Only problem is the same exact pics keep reappearing back in my pda and I have to constantly delete them. Might be the cause of some of these issues or part of it.
  • kenpachi85kenpachi85 United StatesMembers Join Date: 2020-10-27 Member: 264994Posts: 22 Advanced user
    Issues also seem to arise once you start getting into the lost river and lava zones. Dont save down there, come prepared and try to get to the end game asap once you get to that stage.
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