Launching Subnautica in VR (MS Store and Epic versions)

OctonautOctonaut Join Date: 2020-07-29 Member: 262856Members
Hi all

Love this game (OG Subnautica) so much I own it on Xbox, and Epic (and through GamePass for PC as well)

I have a WMR headset that I want to play Subnautica on PC with. My preference is to use the Microsoft Store version (which is the Xbox version ported for PC).
Any ideas how to get it to run? I have SteamVR installed, but can't figure out how to launch the game in VR.

I have also tried with the Epic launcher, no success either.

Help appreciated!

PC specs:
2070 Super


  • VvandererVvanderer Join Date: 2020-08-06 Member: 263062Members
    Well, start Steam VR first, then you can launch Subnautiva from inside your VR Home. You´re PC should be more than capable of handling it. From what I´ve heard, subnautica on the Microsoft store does seem to be a bit buggy, so use the one on epic store.

    Not sure that you can start epic store games through the steam vr though,
  • OctonautOctonaut Join Date: 2020-07-29 Member: 262856Members
    Ended up working by uninstalling SteamVR and reinstalling it.

    Got serious motion sickness so I won't be doing that again! And then uninstalled SteamVR because it launches with EVERY game I play, even if it's not a Steam game.
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