Subnautica 2 - the 4546B Collection | Mission Briefing and how it could work as well as make sense

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Hey there, first of all I would like to say, that I really enjoy Subnautica and that I can’t wait to start Below Zero when Version 1.0 is released. I backed as soon as they started EA but I don’t want to spoil myself before the full release. That being said – I don’t know anything about the world and story of Below Zero apart from the obvious. So maybe there is stuff in Below Zero, that I am „pitching“ for a Subnautica 2. It’s more like some „daydreaming“ and just an expression for my love to Subnautica. PS: My native Language is not english, so apologies for bad grammar!

Anyway - here are my two cents for „Subnautica 2 - the 4546B Collection“ in form of a Mission Briefing as a Start of the Game




New Research and mining Outpost on Planet 4546B

Lieutenant Ryley Robinson

Lieutenant, let me start by congratulating you for your recent promotion to Lieutenant in the Alterra Research and Precursor Science Department.
You’ve earned it. Your expertise on flora and fauna, Precursor Tech and all of your assambled data from Planet 4546B make you a viable member of the Alterra Corporation.
And on experience, follows obligation.

We have a new mission for you!

Following the recent events on Planet 4546B, funding for further missions is cancelled and Alterra is heavily investing in new phasegate operations, while the System 4546 is temporarily on governored lockdown.
However, the discovery of the precursor Race demonstrates the need for further research in Armory Tech and defensive systems. And we – as Alterra – believe, that 4546B has more to offer in that regard, than we were able to salvage. Two Month ago, our spy probes have discovered promising Data in the „Atoll Area“ near the equator of 4546B. Further studies showed large canyons, running through the „Dead Zone“ and connecting multiple regions of the planet. The „Atoll Area“ inhabits hidden Precursor structures leading into one of these canyons and we believe it may be a transport system, that was used to traverse larger distances than the Precursor Portals could handle.

That concludes, that the „Atoll Area“ has some kind of meaning to it and hopefully houses more technology for us to salvage, as well as a source for „Element X“, that we have been looking for ever since we laid our eyes on your first Precursor data. We need that element to exceed the physical limitations of our armory and defense systems. And that’s why we need you! Since the funding got stopped, we will send you – as the leading expert for planet 4546B – with a small vessel to the „Atoll Area“. You will get everything you need in order for you to start a small outpost. Further tools, Transports and habitats you will have to build with local materials, but you know the drill.
Because of the lockdown of 4546, we can only send a small vessel without any room for cargo. Everything bigger than a capsule would get detected by the authorities. I don’t have to tell you, that this mission is highly illegal.

Your assignment will be to:

1. Set up an Outpost in the Atoll Area

2. Confirm the purpose of the Precursor Structures inside the canyons and find a way to replicate and/or use them.

3. Find the „Element X“ and a way to extract it. It might need something else than a drill!

4. If everything goes well, build a landing site for the Alterra mining ships and prepare the base for our arrival after lockdown.

Since the System got blocked, all remaining Vessels including our own will leave System 4546 within 2 weeks, which will leave you undercover and on your own. We will bring you in with the last crew transporter and then send you down to the surface. We will try to find a way for sending a communication Probe after 30 days, which will hopefully be enough time for you to set everything up. You may not find everything you need for your mission in the „Atoll Area“. Thats why we need you to get the Precursor Transport System up and running. It will allow you to traverse from region to region and to collect everything you seek. These new discoveries are very exciting and promising.

Don’t let us down, Lieutenant Robinson. After all, look at it as an opportunity to pay back your dept.

Alterra Fleet Commando


Features of Subnautica 2

| Return as Lieutenant Ryley Robinson to Planet 4546B in an unfunded undercover Mission to find a new element, that can put the Alterra Corporation back to the top position regarding research and development of Armory and Defense Systems.

| Build an Outpost and survive in the new Atoll Area, that features new Biomes, Flora, Fauna and secrets, as well as large peaceful landscapes where you can relax after a long day of work

| Discover and repair the Precursor Canyon Current Transport System through the Dead Zones, in order to reach the Crater Area, the Arctic and maybe more.

| Find the mysterious „Element X“ and set up a mining mission with a new Landing Site, so Alterra can flourish once again.

| Finally pay your dept of 1 trillion $


What do you guys think? As I said, it is just some daydreaming and I would just love Multi Session Gameplay.


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    Sounds like a solid idea, Maybe Have them Be searching for something other than “element x” though like precursor technology’s or something, Altera does seem interested in precursor tech, and If they found Hints of a precursor or city or something similar, that would be more than enough motivation for Altera. Unfortunately due to the current story of below zero it wouldn’t work for the second game, but It might be a good Idea for a third game that would take place between the first subnautica and below zero.

    Personally I think this would be a great set up for a third subnautica game that follows the events of Alterra’s expansion on 4546B after the events of the first, and I love the idea of featuring a new tropical Atoll or Archipelago region with some opportunities to explore the Dead Zone between the islands. And the plot could develop in a number of Interesting ways, from hunting down Precursor Tech, to discovering a dead Zone precursor facility/city, to exploring the relationship between Ryley Robinson and Altera and the moral questions of a super corporation harvesting the planet’s resources and alien technology to benefit mankind (And make a profit) while causing untold damage to the ecosystem, it could even end with The events that precede and cause the events of Below zero.

    Throw into that another idea I saw on here about Ryley Robinson going back To 4546B and discovering a vast precursor facility in the dead zone, where the precursor’s who had become desperate after their failure to secure enzyme 42 had begun genetically splicing the different species of 4546B in a failed attempt to create a new leviathan that produced a similar enzyme. Resulting in a large zoo like containment facility full of Mutant leviathans. Which Ryley explores only for him to become trapped after some accident causes the facility to lose power and start flooding cutting him off from his Altera tech and forcing him to use a precursor tech gene splicer to alter himself with leviathan DNA to survive. And I think you’d have a fairly compelling game with a very subnautica beginning expands in a new direction half way through and could have a dark twist ending that force’s Ryley to question his own humanity and as well as the “humanity” of the super corporation Thats stripping the planet of its resources, and wether he wants to go back, or embrace life as a creature of 4546B.
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    Hey, thanks for your reply!

    Since Below Zero is more like a standalone Addon, i called my idea Subnautica 2 with it being a third game in mind. As I said, I don't know anything about the story of Below Zero but my guess would be, that everything goes horribly wrong and that's why there is a lockdown etc. and thats why you can travel between all the regions, after you "repair" the Canyon Current Transport System.

    I called it "element X" just as a placeholder, but I got the idea from the scene in Subnautica 1, when you enter the first facility and get the message, that the walls are made out of an unknown alloy or material.

    But I love the idea, that between these canyons in the Dead Zone, there might be something like a containment facility and it would be like 3000m down or somehing. :)
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    Hey, how can I play Zero, don't know exactly how to start it?
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    HowardE wrote: »
    Hey, how can I play Zero, don't know exactly how to start it?

    Well, it is Off Topic but just to be sure – Below Zero is a separate game, that you have to purchase individually. You can find it in the same shop as Subnautica – for example Steam – it is still in development but can be played in Early Access.
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    Thank you for your quick reply
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