Less of a Ghost Leviathan, more of a Ghost Town

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Console versions aren’t being supported anymore (and if they are, why aren’t we hearing about it). We haven’t gotten a public, from-developer status post about fixing this game in over a year. Just a simple “This is where we’re at.” I’ve seen the roadmaps. Nothing but bullet points essentially saying “We’d like to do this someday.” Some sort of update please. This saddens me. I loved this game. I spent an entire week glued to my couch playing this game because it is just that immersive and beautiful. However, the glitches make it unplayable: Game not saving, frame rate issues, wall clipping, LOD issues, scenery popping in and making you become trapped in a wall (possibly making you lose hours of progress if you’ve had save issues). I mean I just tried loading up my save with a days game time on it and it wouldn’t load. If you’ve got Game Pass for Xbox this is worth a try but other than that I would say strongly urge these developers to give us some kind of public update before buying. Thanks for reading. Hopefully this draws some attention to how desperate the consoles are in need of some sort of communication.
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    There was a dev post in early April, makes a couple references to "all platforms":
    LumpN wrote: »
    Hi everyone, we're still very much working on Subnautica, fixing bugs, making it run faster, etc.

    If you own the game on Steam, you will see that the "experimental" beta still gets updates almost every day. As always, we would like to bundle things up about once a month or so, get them tested, and then ship an update to all our platforms. That hasn't happened in a while because earlier this year we had to upgrade our game engine and that broke a bunch of different things on a bunch of different platforms. We've been working on fixing these new issues and we're getting closer to a release. The best you can do to help get the update out faster is to play the game on "experimental" and report any issues you find using the F8 feedback tool. I always appreciate a good bug report. <3

    I hope they figure out the fixes soon. All this, and the stress of Coronavirus in the midst.
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    I don’t know if it was just coincidental timing on my part or if they’re jabbing at me but they’ve literally just released an update. I’m downloading it now.
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