Every few years i come back and... whine?

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I want great performance and visibility from a competitive firstperson shooter - now more than ever.

(Opinion!) Maxing out gamma in gpu drivers - i just don't wanna do this anymore. Maybe I'm getting too old now or i am too used to every other competitive fps nowadays that designed their lighting and textures for clear visibility between player and background and not spooky shadowy atmosphere.

I only played 4-6 rounds - it made me sad. There is tutorials, hive based shuffle and all those things at play today, still its the same old thats a smurf, whine, flame and concede quickly.
Maybe NS2 needs a different gamemode/redesign of gameplay, instead of small balance tweaks - how many years is ns2 out now?

I guess i could play PUGs, but meh - too much effort.
Seems like the only highlight for me since 2013 is the nice skins and player models, the tutorial and main menu change. (i know it was for sure a LOT more but i wanted to be dramatic)

Until next time in ~3 years... <3


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    NS2 is 8 years old in October, and we're all getting old.
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    Too old some may say...
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    If you redesigned the gameplay, people will whine.

    Mods don't really thrive in this game, the server list is partially to blame with its filters.
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    Pretty sure they could handle 100 angry ppl.

    Redesigning gameplay doesnt mean you have to do that by changing vanilla.

    Explore and find things that people enjoy and relaunch?

    What do people enjoy about ns gameplay the most?

    marines vs skulks
    shotgun vs fades lerks

    skulk in general
    in ns1 i loved gorge and bunker up so hard that the game was going past the end for ages. (but that would be its own gamemode, kinda like warcraft 3 vampirism mode)
    forward/relocation bases in ns1

    combat mod was decent at its time. (but got very boring and old nowadays)

    what do i dislike?
    onos, mech gameplay.
    flat weapon and armor number upgrades. (sure i like beeing able to get weapon 1 quick, or carapace/celerity/silence, or quick shotguns and plow trough nooby players that have no clue how to really focus and handle their economy in pub play - would be okay if it was purely personal resource based gained by killing the enemy players quick and early


    fighting cysts
    power nodes

    ns2 map design and relocation contrains

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    Hey, 3 years arent over, why are you back already...
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