Dear Developers, this is how to live with a shitty console version of an awesome game

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Disclaimer: This is not a post about how much I hate Subnautica, this is a post about dealing with a shitty console version of a totally awesome videogame.

So, I finished Subnautica and I have to admit, this was a wonderful experience. A really good one. A nice one... kind of.

Because I can look back on nearly 60 hours of a very immersive and breathtaking adventure that took me by surprise in a way I never expected it. I really loved it... kind of.

Because no matter how wonderful the gameplay, the design, the worldbuilding, the crafting, nearly every aspect of the game, works, it gets disturbed by the aweful lot of bugs and performance issues that completely destroy the experience that this great team worked so hard on.

On my way through the ocean, I got every bug I ever read about on this forum:
- Saving takes forever
- Saving and moving destroys the stream loading of the landscape
- Saving crashes the game
- Loading crashes the game
- Loading crashes the Xbox
- Loading crashes the game so hard so I need to reinstall it completely
- Poor Object Draw distances for unimportant and important Objects
- Disappearing of Platform Feet on your station

The list goes on, but please, don't let me forget the poor overall performance, with the frame rate dropping under 10 frames a second, and most of the times this happens in the really tense, mystical moments, you know, the strong moments when you are really holding your breath and then it suddenly reminds you that this console adaptation is a piece from hell.

I still loved exploring 4546B. But every time I needed to take three tries to start the game, I hated it. Every time I was swimming through the Lost River and enjoyed the view by 10 FPS, I hated it even more. And this was on an Xbox One X, the "Most powerful console of all times", and it wasnt even running in real 4k, just a poor half 4k. Seeing PS4 Let's Plays it also seemed this was running far better (still not good and far frome great).

And I was left to wonder what moved the developers to release that game in that kind of state to the Xbox. How could this be, even after the Xbox Version already had a pre release (other than the PS4 that has no early access program).

I don't hate Unknwon Worlds for this. I loved the game, enjoyed it, really. But after I left 4546B for the first time, I wonder how much more I would have enjoyed it without all the bugs, all the frame rate drops that rendered the it nearly unplayable in some situations. I wonder how often I would have talked to my friends and said: "Go and buy it." Because with all the bugs in mind the discussions were like "I spend a lot of time with this awesome game, but don't buy it, because technically it's a mess."

Imagine how much more this game would have been if it's awesomeness wouldn't have been covered behind a huge pile of bus and performance issues.

So please, dear Devs, for Below Zero, get the Console version right. Because what we got now, is far from doing justice to this awesome game you created.

All the best (and wish you lots of luck for the next patches for Xbox),
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    sadli i have to agree with that.
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    agreed. With everything. Came to these official forums to post my own PS4 experience report (massive bug list really) and find out I have to wait a day to create a topic!

    WTG unknown. Forums about as annoying as your 1.6 ps4 build !
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    As an X box one X player I never had any serious issues. Pop in was still there, some lag here and there, but 10fps? What program are you using to measure that? Or is it just slowing down and you've randomly decided upon that number?

    Here was my experience with everything you said on my one X:

    -Saving only ONCE took a couple of minutes
    -I always waited for the game to finish saving before moving around
    -Saving never once crashed my game
    _Loading never once crashed my game
    -Loading never once crashed my system
    -Not once since day 1 on game preview did I ever have to uninstall and reinstall
    -Draw distance, things pop in yes.
    -Disappearing of platform feet? I'm not sure what this means

    I've played for a total of 6 days 23 hours and 39 minutes, that's basically 168 hours. The only time I ever even had to restart a new game was when they had the disappearing fish glitch right after launch...Even then I was playing on survival and still managing to get by, even though it took awhile to find items. My saves from day 1 in game preview still work for me as well.

    I have to wonder what some people, especially on the one X are doing to get so many issues that I never encountered. Do you build tons of bases and store a massive amount of resources? Are your bases gigantic? My actual frame rate seems to be mostly stable, pop in is definitely an issue, but the game never seems to slow to a crawl for me.

    This is all I can think of, when I play I have one base at a time that stores what I need and a little extra. When it's time to move I pack all that up and rebuild it elsewhere. That's all I can recommend, I don't even know if that makes a difference but that's how I played the game and aside from pop in I don't have any major issues. So sometimes I am just confused as to how I got so lucky, or if some (I'm not accusing you) greatly exaggerate issues.

    The other thing too, if you want to help the devs with your issues you have to give them information like when something happened, what you were doing when it happened, and other things like that.

    I agree that it has too many issues for most people after all this time, and that's a bit disappointing. I've also had to give everyone I recommend the game to a disclaimer before buying because a lot of people are having issues. Just remember these guys are indie devs and don't have tons and tons of cash and resources to give you a AAA experience on both console ports and pc. These things take time and money.
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    I have had all the same issues as listed above. Platform feet are the supports that hold up your base, well they disappear. I don’t know why but they just stop showing up. I never once had a saving issue unil the last update in Jan. I think we all understand that they are indie but the bugs he’s talking about are game breaking. So we can’t enjoy the amazing game they have released. And I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t buy a car that has flat tires or that only one speaker works. I believe he saying please polish the game before you release it. I understand that they are under pressure from investors to start making money as fast as possible. So I get it. But I do agree that it needed some major fixes before they released it. I will say when I 1st got the game I it never crashed or had any loading problems until the updates started. But that’s just my game I guess. Anyways I love the game it’s by far one of the best I have ever played even with all the bugs.
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    Fortunately they are still working on fixing the console versions, as you can see here. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that the game was released too early on consoles. On PS4, I did not encounter any game breaking bug that could not fixed by loading a previous save, however I would not dare playing in hardcore mode yet...
    So, @madsauce and other developers, please keep up your efforts, we do have faith in you.
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    Jesus christ

    I LOVE this game. I think it's great.

    BUT it's become unplayable on my ps4. The lag, and the goddamn terrain rendering issues

    I have a weird fear of falling through the map on video games. Like it doesn't terrify me but it constantly sends a shiver down my spine, I literally hate it so much it just freaks me out.

    The sheer amount of times I've been exploring 300m+ deep, and I've gone through the terrain because it just hasn't ****ing loaded properly. I'll think 'wow this is weird I haven't seen anything in a while', so I'll go back up and start seeing the underside of the terrain because a wide swath of seafloor didn't load so I just went straight down into what I saw as more ocean.

    At that depth, you literally cannot tell what is an actual abyss and what is a glitch.

    And some of these aren't fixed by saving and loading. They're literally just not there.

    I have a base in the Jellyshroom caves, there is a wall there which just doesn't load. It isn't there on waiting, it isn't there on resets, it just is not there.

    I only wish that Sony weren't so stingy about the refund policy for DD, otherwise I would have refunded this by now. I can't play it yet, its broken and unfinished.
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    Agreed, it's simply unplayable here in the Xbox.
    24 hours in, while I had no crashes while saving/loading yet, I've encountered pretty much everything else.
    Lost River is just disgusting, I'm quite sure I'm getting 10FPS or below around that area (I'm quite used to what 20ish FPS is on the PC, so it's very easy to tell it drops to at least 10 here, which is just silly for a "next gen console").
    And the ground popping is just horrible. I keep having to wait for half a minute every 1000-ish meters I travel in the Seamoth because the scenery simply doesn't load. I can't believe any developer in their right mind would release a game this messed up - this should still be at closed Alpha at BEST! The experience is equal or worse to PUBG when it first launched on the consoles.
    They don't make games like they used to anymore, way too easy to launch broken products, half fix it with patches and then abandon it.
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    Lost River average performance: gamerdvr. com/gamer/ArcherAC3/video/f36ab2d3-c63a-4cc9-a6bd-28670ab380b9/4a3d2bd3-4a33-4fc8-9650-45e3e2d41e8f0

    Apparently I can't send links yet, so remove the space between "dvr. com" above.
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    Yeah... have some ideas on LEVEL of DETAIL (LODS) that may help with consoles: 1. Far away WAVY items (Creep Vine, grass etc) dont have to have full movement. Main Stem wave with static leaves for FAR LEVEL DETAIL would be enough... only items within main focus of the sight say 2-5 meters need the full movement. Same with all other movements in the distance... don't need full cloud simulations on the floor when viewing from above 10m. Have a look at LOD automation software and I reckon you could get a real return on Loading Tile times on consoles. OR... just wait till your vision catches up with new tech that can compute all the particle and cloth simulations in real time.
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    Totally agree on that. Game on Xbox is broken. I am so maaad, that I bought it.
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