Subnautica below zero leviathan's discussion

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This discussion is about monsters of subnautica below zero in here we will discuss about leviathan class lifeforms.


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    They're quite large.
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    I always enjoyed in Subnautica 1 how you find incredibly enourmous creatures and sometimes they are just so harmless :smile:

    I'd like to see how far they push their concept in BZ. Thus far I have seen the iceworm. I think there would be room for stuff way bigger :smiley:
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    Still can´t wait to see this things from arrival in subnautica. ;)

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    I honestly think, that rather than just being big It’s important to think about how the leviathans would fit into the environment, The questions to ask should be along the lines of what is their role in below zero’s ecosystem? why do they look the way they do? what traits did they develop and why? I honestly think things like that should be considered for all the creatures in below zero, as one of my favorite things about the subnautica games Is how immersive and “real” the world and it’s ecosystems feel, but in below zero there are just some creatures that seem out of place, not like they don’t belong but more like their behaviors don’t quite match their body plan, The cryptoschucus for example has Fully realized legs with foot-like fins which imply some type of amphibious nature like actual crocodiles or sea lions, and as such it’s odd to me that the creature are solely aquatic, I keep expecting to see them Crawling across the sea floor, wading through the shallows of the thermal vents biome or sunning themselves on the Beaches of the rocket island, just something in which they use their “feet” for more than just swimming
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