Snowfox and water

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I realize that it is designed intentionally for the Snowfox not to work on water. However, why not? It would be really cool if it could work like a hovercraft over land and water. Then we could find more uses for it than just the glacial basin. It's nice and fast, and since it would be limited to the surface, it would not be overpowered. It wouldn't make the seatruck or prawn obsolete since a lot of stuff needs the support of deeper vehicles (and presumably there will more more deeper areas going forward, since gaining depth is a key way to progress in the game). But it could be useful if you need to zip between bases or do a quick run to rocket island. Maybe working over water could be a Snowfox upgrade module.

The snowfox base could be made to work as a floating base or a land base.


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    While above water you are vulnerable to weather and would otherwise constantly get colder even when it is sunny. To make it useful you'd need to swap to snow suit, which means that's even more stuff you need to carry on your person since the snowfox does not have any capacity to carry baggage.

    I don't know. It's one thing to leave all your swimming gear in a locker in a base built at the edge of the land. It is another to have to carry that stuff and swap just because you want to transition from water to air, then back to water.

    We have a lot of tools to potentially carry everywhere under water. I'm not sure I want to add the snowfox and all the cold protection clothes to that.

    Besides, even without weather, there is not much to see above water and you circumvent any of the dangers that the game sets in your path to common things or specific goals.
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    When you are on the snowfox, you don't get cold, so the equipment issue is not a problem. Currently it is the only thing that is really useful about it. You could leave the snowfox itself floating on the surface. The snowfox is a cool concept that has little in-game utility, and I'm trying to find ways to make it useful. Certainly would like to hear other suggestions.

    As far as avoiding trouble below the surface, I guess that's true, but at the same time, the most important dangers you face are usually around your destination, not along the way. If you are heading somewhere full speed and staying somewhat away from dangers you are usually pretty safe underwater too. It's when you need to actually do something at a location or search for something that you tend to be vulnerable.
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