Deep sea in SUBNAUTICA:

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Do not forget:
These are suggestions for improvement, wishes, dreams and ideas.
I will probably apologize for my poor knowledge of english should there be many mistakes.

I wish to have a reason to visit the ghost leviathans in the void.

First time I played SUBNAUTICA, I tried to reach the bottom to find out more about the "ecological dead zone". That is what the PDA told me to do... I even lost two Cyclops.
But I find out there is NOTHING to see.

How about if we could dive into 11,000 meters deep and face our greatest fears?
Ghostly looking creatures, like from a horror movie should live there. Bioluminescent beings and bizarre creatures of the deep.

Deep sea creatures: Occurrence and behavior:

Smaller creatures such as: fish, crabs, snails or similar small to medium-sized animals could only exist on the seabed, not in the open areas.
Leviathan-sized creatures should swim randomly. This also helps the players to experience something new and face new challenges with each dive.
Passive creatures can appear either singly or in large groups. But they should also attack if the player provokes them. Example: Player swims very close with the submarine. Player lights up the creature.
It will be very dark down there and the player's view will be very limited, so aggressive leviathan should and must be loners. Players will not be able to predict where the Leviathans are or where they are swimming.

Ways to avoid attacks:

- Players spot it early on the radar and avoid it.
- The player turns the submarine completely off (lights AND engine) and waits until the creature disappears from the radar.
- Player releases a dummy to distract it (remote controlled).
- If the submarine is attacked, only bait food should be used as the last measure.

Water pressure damage and water pressure:

The water pressure in the deepest point of the deep sea trench is 1170 bar.
That means 1 m³ of water weighs 1070 tons down there.

It would be much more realistic, more difficult, and you would get a little more of the feeling: SURVIVE, if you got water pressure damage per second, depending on how deep you are, or even die instantly.
Of course, that would mean that in the deep sea there is no way to get out of the submarine, catch small animals or scan the creatures down there.
That's why I said that the small animals can only be caught by gravity traps which are later collected by the submarine. The hand-held scanner would also have to be replaced by a remote-controlled scan camera or similar instruments. Leviathan-sized animals should be able to destroy the scan cameras. That would make scanning more difficult. Remember that you can't freeze the animals down there. Building from a certain depth, for example: Building below 5,000 meters should no longer be possible.

New deep-sea submarine:

The "ATLAS" already looks like a reasonable submarine to be able to dive so deep.

Because the deep sea would be much deeper than the "Lava Zone" (~ 1,700 meters deep), you would need a new, better submarine, which will probably be significantly larger than the Cyclop.
There are already concept arts of what the new submarine could look like.
I know that many players want to be able to drive this submarine one day. There is currently no place to drive this giant vehicle, but that could change if there is a deep sea at some point.
The new submarine could be divided into several rooms. Here is an example: control room, scanner room, freight [ Stackable warehouse (up to 10x in one slot)] and storage rooms, engine room, room with breeding container and maybe decorative rooms such as bedroom (s), toilet or canteen.
The submarine's scanner room can be very similar to today's scanner room. Several cameras can be controlled and they should be able to produce their own light. Large creatures should be able to take the cameras with them or destroy them.
Because the new submarine will be much larger and you cannot simply leave the submarine in the deep sea for repair work (water pressure damage), this work should be replaced by bots.The bots can be remotely controlled like the cameras in the scanner room. They should also be able to produce their own light and be taken away or destroyed by large creatures.

Evacuate the submarine:

The "Atlas" looks like it has rescue capsules on board. That would also be a very plausible evacuation option because no other vehicle will be able to withstand the water pressure. The rescue capsules, on the other hand, could withstand this pressure and float on the surface. There will be no cave system down there, like "Lost River" but simply an empty space, felt with darkness and the creatures that exist there. This also means that there is always a way up and the escape pods don't get stuck on a cave wall.

Technology and construction costs for the submarine:

The technology for the new submarine should be an alternative to the "Neptune" and should only be available to players who have completed the story and accomplished everything in the game.
As with "Neptune", the construction of the submarine can be divided into different construction phases.
Here is an example of the required building material:

Phase 1: 10x nickel bars
Phase 2: 20x kyanite bars
Phase 3: 20x ion cells
Phase 4: 15x extended cable set
Phase 5: 25x reinforced glass

It must be difficult and expensive to dive down there, even the most experienced players should be motivated for hours and have a reason to keep looking and searching.
A very risky adventure in the abyss. Each time, players have to think carefully about how many replacement robots and cameras they will take with them. How much food and water (in my opinion, building in a submarine should no longer be possible) and how much bait food. Everything has to be carefully thought out and every move should decide between life and death (or destruction of the expensive submarine). :wink:

Bait food for Leviathan:

Should be a complicated recipe and only used for the new submarine. It is intended to prevent the submarine from being attacked by the creature, since the monsters in the deep sea should be much more aggressive and not just let go like the reaper after a few seconds. Bait food has to be "reloaded" each time, just like Cyclops the dummies.

Reasons to come to the bottom of the sea:

- There is always a reason: to see the first time.
- Find the remaining Aurora escape pods that have sunk or landed outside. Of course, with their last records, stories about mysterious creatures or simply terrifying stories about their last breaths.
- New (sunken) decorative items of the Aurora (That could also be pictures that the survivors shot before they died. Decorative objects of the aliens and artifacts that you can take with you.)
- New technologies and expansion modules for the new submarine.
- Submarine wrecks of the alien race.
- New fossils (maybe very mysterious, where you can't immediately imagine what it should have looked like. (Example: Remains of the
- The joy of discovery

It must be dark at the bottom of the sea, not comparable to "Lost River", the player only has to be able to see what he is lighting.

Landscape of the sea floor:

Unfortunately "Lost River" already represents the deep sea, is unfortunately not as deep as I imagined when I bought subnautica.With transparent, ghostly looking fish and acidic rivers with many remains, it has everything I imagined as a seabed.Of course you can still come up with a lot of ideas, after all we ended up on an alien planet.


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    there is no chance they will make that much stuff for subnautica or BZ.... and to make sure: many of the players stay away from the deadzone or reapers, so they wouldn't be able to have the same fun....
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    Sorry, but If i have no reason why should i go in the deadzone or why would i put my head in the reaper,s mounth if there is nothing to see? I hope You know what i want to tell You.
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    I think that should be a game totally in of itself.
    think about it if you wanted to make a new subnautica game where would you set it up on planet 4546B I would set it up in the dead zone to where you have to go and figure out where all the Emperors have gone and how high their species number is because you have the job of making sure the Kharaa bacterium does not come back. You then catch something unsettling on a camera from around the dead zone you see a massive creature the size of the fossilized apex super creature down in the Lost River but it is still infected with the Kharaa. So now you have to go down into the depths of the dead zone and find this thing’s lair and figure out what it is doing you then see it devouring a Sea Emperor.
    You then try and escape and you get caught by this thing. Fast forward 1 month later Riley comes back to repay his debt to Alterra by trying to find out what happened to this person who I will call for the time being Timothy. You then see as you are landing the giant apex predator that you still have information on. You are then to find this creature and either try and cure it or kill it because of how much of a threat it is. The spot where you land is a lagoon surrounded by three islands that are supported by floaters. You have all the blueprints necessary for your deep dive but you either need to scan a gigantic mech or you have to make a synthesizer to make large amounts of enzyme 42 you find all sorts of new creatures as well besides the ancient apex predator. The name of this subnautica would be
    Subnautica Into The Depths.
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    Alin99 wrote: »
    Water pressure damage and water pressure:

    It would be much more realistic, more difficult, and you would get a little more of the feeling: SURVIVE, if you got water pressure damage per second, depending on how deep you are, or even die instantly.

    Of course, that would mean that in the deep sea there is no way to get out of the submarine, catch small animals or scan the creatures down there.

    That's why I said that the small animals can only be caught by gravity traps which are later collected by the submarine. The hand-held scanner would also have to be replaced by a remote-controlled scan camera or similar instruments. Leviathan-sized animals should be able to destroy the scan cameras. That would make scanning more difficult. Remember that you can't freeze the animals down there. Building from a certain depth, for example: Building below 5,000 meters should no longer be possible
    Water pressure is already an issue in the game. A sea moth takes damage unless you build the right upgrades and oxygen efficiency is greatly reduced below 200m. But it doesn't get way more challenging than that.

    That's why I suggested that there isn't any sea moth upgrade that allow the moth to dive down to 2000m and to have the player take damage or even be killed down there.

    One easy way to catch small animals would be by using the PRAWN suit propulsion cannon arm (or grappling hook) to fetch & to store them (there's currently no way to store items >_<). The PRAWN could also have a habitat builder arm and/or a scanner option. A player would then be forced to use the PRAWN suit to build a docking bay for the PRAWN (doesn't have to be a moonpool though) to get in and out of a base.

    And if the Cyclops would have detachable cameras just like a scanner room, they could used to explore the surroundings. Just give them a robotic arm and an internal storage (just like the spy penguins have now) if it gets necessary for some reason.

    In my opinion, it would be a cool transition to start without anything to actually being rendered useless without any high-tech gear.

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    I actually had an idea similar to this, in which your character would be part of a team exploring a precursor city found in the void. Your team would’ve discovered that it is actually a leviathan fabrication facility, The precursors upon not being able to coax the emperor leviathan into providing them with Enzyme 42 would have built this facility in a desperate attempt to use their gene-splicing technology to create new leviathan that might produce a similar enzyme. Your character would be separated from your team at some point, you would lose contact with Alterra for an unknown reason, and power to the facility would be cut, causing flooding and releasing the mutated leviathans into the void, Where supermassive leviathans would already be present now that the force field keeping them out is inactive. The supermassive leviathans would of course only attack submarines as a player would be too small for them to take notice, so while you could swim in the void, using a submarine to escape from the depths would be impossible. Without access to a fabricator you have to turn towards precursor technology using a precursor gene-splicer (a reskined version of the idea cut from the previous game) to you alter your genes, with DNA collected from the mutated leviathans, in order to gain abilities like the Ampeel’s electric shock or the Brinewing’s freezing ability, in order to defend against predators and manipulate your environment, while trying to restore power to the city, and save your team, all the while struggling to keep a hold of your dwindling humanity. It would be a very different game than the current iterations of SubNautica but I think I would be very interesting, more story driven, and would allow for a lot of insight into the precursors Altera, and the universe in which all this takes place while also allowing an opportunity to do a character study on a person who would sacrifice their humanity to save others. I call it Subnautica: Dark waters, if you guys like this idea let me know, and let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve it.
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    so that is a good idea but I remembered something else what about below zero Robin and Alan are still on the planet. So if I am correct you would have to team up with them either to get the cure or access to that massive precursor city to get the cure we could also have a biome where there is no light at all for if you turn on the lights the floor covered with a plankton species that reacts super strongly to light attacks your submarine and pulls it beneath it. That is the entrance to
    The monsters cave/lair by the way the monster is sentient just like the sea emperors. So you get mind visions just like with the Sea Emperors but it is more of an avalanche when it speaks so you had better be in a place where you have O2 or you drown because it is so loud you double over from the sound. Also this would be able to have a new sub or two like the odyssey or the wasp and a new version of the PRAWN suit for more of a military grade prawn suit that can go deeper and move faster. This is also how you get the design to make the giant mech either that or you have to scan fragments of a giant mech that is precursor technology and you have to gain Alan and Robin’s trust for them to give you access to that city. Then comes the part where you design the mech. You can go for a prawn suit looking mech or a reaper or a ghost leviathan shape or a super apex predator look or the one that can cure it the Sea Emperor mech but you have to go to the active lava zone to scan the dead one in the chamber. Each one having a different set of weapons the apex mech having a bite force stronger than the predators itself to crush it or bite it in half, the reaper leviathan mech to shake it around and have a sonar to be able to find it, ghost leviathan mech to be able to have the speed advantage, or a prawn suit mech to be able to grab it but you have the speed disadvantage and you have to be able to back it into a corner fast and attack it quickly be fore it realizes you are there. And you could have a different animal mech but you have to scan all of these animals to gain access to make their respective mechs you could have a warper mech to be able to warp it different places and confuse it, or you could get an ice worm one but it would have to be able to swim and have drill instead of a heated horn, or a frozen leviathan mech to be able to attack it that way with a ramming or bitting it, or you could make a different creature they come up with as well. Then you could also find a way to get the sea emperor mech because you find the body of the old one in the active lava zone and scan to be able to make it submit to your will by using the psychic connection and then inject the cure into the predator and figure out why this has happened Riley decides to stay on 4546B with Robin and Alan to study the predator and try and find Alan’s species and home world.

    For building and getting food just implant an aquarium part to a sub just like the seatruck has an aquarium module make it to where you have an aquarium part to your sub or get an upgrade for the prawn suit to get an aquarium tank added to the back of it.
    For building I like your idea for having a habitat builder arm attachment but the Alterra corporation would give you a blue print if not an already have on a deep sea diving suit so you could get out with a habitat builder and scanner to either build or scan.
    And also for docking just have a depressurization chamber before the actual moo pool itself. And let’s have moo pool for submariners as well because you don’t want to get the bends when you get into your sub at a certain depth( your screen would get all wavy and you would have to go to a bends curing room).
    Finally to make a point make it to where the atlas can house your cyclops either that or have a way to attach the cyclops to the atlas.
    Like it has module that allows the cyclops to be in the docking area of the Atlas and have another submarine in the Cyclops or the PRAWN suit or just have a different area for storing the Prawn suit.

    Game devs talk to me after you release below zero for a new game for the subnautica game world.
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    yes,... I showed this game to a friend, the first chose that he scored, the water pressure is ignored (except with vehicles).

    obviously this is the least realistic thing that exists for a scuba diving game.

    Why ? that doesn't mean anything, just add damage to the diver, which increases with depth, or something disturbing, visual effect.

    or simply add a craft of alien technology, with alien materials, a little green and neon yellow color on the jumpsuit and it's good, a combination that resists pressure... at least, I could explain this scientific aberration which is the absence of pressure damage.

    at the moment I dive more than 1000m without vehicle, i'm as bored as a giant whale in the abyss B)

    apart from that, great game, like the first subnautica.

    (I use a translator)
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