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Straight to it. I haven't been more stoked about a game in a very long time. I'm very impressed with SUBNAUTICA and love the reasons why SUBNAUTICA is what it is.

I'm thinking in an MMO train of thought, but if MMO never happens these ideas are still things I'd like to see in the game. As I come up with ideas and fine details related to each idea, I'll post them. This is my Wall Locker.

- Fishing with a fishing pole and bait- Should be pretty obvious where this one can go. It should be more than a pop-up fishing pole though, but pop-up rods for ice would be cool also. I can see myself running around checking pop-ups and gardens and mining things and fishing in one trip out. One of the better fishing mechanics I've seen in recent games are from Farcry 5 and Red Dead Online. One of the worst fishing mechanics I've seen is in Farmer's Dynasty.

- Lab Assistants- Male, Female, Alien or Other Lab Assistants. They might just be there for us to watch, or they might be more useful by having them feed the bioreactor and putting things away like the water and salt, things like that. It be fun watch them going about their routines while I'm there catching my breath, or growing my garden or working on some lab experiment, distilling something, or for what whatever reason I'm there. It'd be cool to have them.

- Land Mass- More please

- Bigger Map- Bigger beaches. I want to recreate a vacation location and need a bigger beach. We go shelling there IRL.

- Shelling- Walk on beach and pick up shells. Some shells are more useful than others, they can be used in food and crafting recipes. Some are dangerous, like the alphabet shell.

-Insta-Travel- Open map> pick location> and teleport to it. This one is for a buddy of mine and from time to time I kinda like the idea too. Maybe in Creative mode.

-Creative Mode Story- I would like to play through the story while in creative mode. There's a lot of really fun stuff that rounds out the game in the story modes that's not in the creative mode that would make creative mode so much more fun.

-Eating and Drinking- Needs to be much slower. The way it is now, you have to eat and drink way to much, way to often. I played it with on no food/water setting, and it didn't feel right. It just needs to be slowed down quite a bit. Great challenge and mechanic though. The food rots to fast also.

-Graphics- Could use a little bit of an update.

-Alien Containment- Would love to have larger Alien Containments, the size of the one's in the Alien Facility. It looks like you were gonna do something there.

-Herb Still- In case the Fabricator breaks. I have one and I love tinkering with it. I think a nice glass one would work well with the game. It distills plant matter into essential oils. You build one> Insert distilled water> Insert biomass> place beaker for collection of essential oils> turn on heat> watch it do it's magic. Or don't, you can come back and collect it later. IRL you're gonna want to watch how much the water boils down.

-Indoor Gardens- I want to grow huge plants, like the biggest Marblemelon, But I think I need a light to do it. With the addition of plant lighting and the subtraction of other plants, you can get your single Marblemelon to grow the whole size of the garden bed too.

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    -Level Editor- Edit the map and share it with others. They can visit the map and experience what you've built. Maybe even explore together in coop or multiplay. Like the Farcry editor.

    -Toggle light cycle in Creative Mode so it's easier to see while building

    -Waterphone- A playable Waterphone. It could call certain creatures. And it sounds really cool. In an emergency it could be used as a floatation device. It fits perfectly in the SUBNAUTICA world.
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    -Crossbreeding Creatures and Plants- I think it'd be fun to experiment with crossbreeding creatures and plants.

    New creatures might need to be bred by placing two different creatures in an Alien Containment and waiting.

    New Plants might need to be cultivated from two or more different plants in the same container with one another to breed a new variety.

    Inbreeding the same plants or creatures might cause a de-evolving process where the result would be the creatures or plants revert back to it's original lifeforms. A de-evolved species might be made up of many different original genetics.

    The process can begin anywhere and end anywhere. You might find an ancient plant before you find a new creature egg.

    How far can I de-evolve or evolve this? What happens if I do? Can I utilize it? Am I going to like the result? Will it be bad? Or will it be freakin' awesome?
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    Remote automation guages- I think it'd be cool to see different gauges of the player built habitats on the PDA. For example- Growth size of plants, power of habitat, amount of biomass in the bioreactor, amount of water bottles that can be collected etc.

    Would work in all modes.

    - Toggle switches for creative mode- I would like to toggle on several things to keep an eye on them, such as power to the habitat. If I turn the toggle on then I have to mind how much power is being used and add more power if needed. Same goes for other things such as the bioreactor, I can turn it on or off when I feel like adding something else to watch and tend to.
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    - Hubs- Large buildings or areas for players to see and interact with each other, take care of research, organize inventory, purchase and sell things, pick up missions, etc.

    - Repopulation Programs- Populate areas with fish, animals and plants. I was using the alien containment and outside grow beds to populate areas near habitats with fish and plants just to see what would happen. Some of the released subjects got eaten, some hung around, but most of the fish disappeared. This would be a fun thing to do if it had purpose.

    - Aquarium Glass and Framing- To build a variety containments wherever suitable.

    - Farming- Fish, plants, critters or other. Find or buy the resource, farm it, pick it, sell and or use it. I noticed there's quite a bit of lag in the habitats when there's a lot or plants and fish are going on, dedicated fields and minimum habitat distances might help.

    - Habitat Platforms and Guardrails- Variety of shapes and sizes of platforms and guardrails to make balconies and a variety of other structures. 1/2 round guardrails might be used to make an animal pin/coup.

    - Experiments- I love to experiment, who doesn't right? When I'm at end game but still want to play and don't want to start over, experimenting would fill that desire to do something. What happens if I breed this with that? And what happens when I breed that with those and how can I use them? Maybe a new hybrid of creature or plant that has some sort of use will come of it, they might mutate, they might eat one another.

    - Hovercraft or Copter- for flying straight up and down- I like the idea of building things in the mountains almost as much I like the idea of build a huge lodge on the beach.

    - Flickering lights- when habitat is damaged or underpowered.

    - Indoor Cams viewable from PDA- To keep an eye on experiments while the player is out.

    - Pictures Frames- I love the photography and display aspect in SUBNAUTICA. Specially how when you walk up to them, it's like you are there. Being able to resize the frame would be cool also, so we can get 4 or more picture frames on one wall section. What I have been doing is taking a pic of an egg and then the creatures that hatch from them, place the pictures on a wall and post a sign with their name on it, and it gives the habitat a science museum art gallery feel. I'll do that with plants and locations they come from also.

    - MMO Housing- Eventually we are going to bump into someone else's habitat if we have the freedom to build habitats as big as we want. So I'm thinking about how to go about it fairly. It might have to be a neighborhood kind of thing where players go to one of many locations to setup a domicile or farm or lodge or research facility, or all of them combined-- Or it might work out if the size of the habitat was limited and they could be built anywhere. The portable habitat should have the necessary space to build everything a player needs and more to succeed.

    - MMO Land Claim- A player may buy land, and build a successful ecosystem. You can build buildings and repopulate the area with beneficial plants and creatures. If you want all Sand sharks around your habitat and you want to feed them bladder fish by releasing them near the sand sharks, you can do that. You don't have to keep track of the sand shark's hunger, they just eat. Maybe you can train it to do something for that piece of land like retrieving salt or something, or maybe it plays a vital role as a keystone species and digs holes necessary for eggs to hatch properly, it can go a lot of different ways.
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    Can't wait for this new story update. By chance is there an estimation for the next update's release? and i really hope you keep the new vehicles in the game but also make the seamoth and cyclops available to find and build. this would put a HUGE and AMAZING diversity of choices in the game and give the players more things to do. Also, will this game be able to go as "deep" into the planet as the original with. biomes on top of each other? That would create a great contrast in the environment from the surface and make very exciting experiences for all players on where they explore and where the story takes them. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do.
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    Yeh, they did good on the story too.

    - Things to come back for day to day- I love hanging out in the Subnautica world but wish there was something ongoing that I could do from day to day. Just logging in doesn't do it for me.

    Maybe experiments that have to be checked on from time to time that take time and a little work to complete.

    For example, Maybe I'm trying to grow a certain plant and it takes a real life week to grow from seed to flower. During that week, it needs to be watered and/or fertilized and possibly a day/night light cycle needs to be adjusted in order to get the results I desire. If I don't get it right, it might fail or end up being something different than what I was shooting for-- maybe screwing it up might lead to a pleasant surprise, maybe a horrific surprise. Same goes for crossbreeding fish and animals. It might take 2 weeks and certain things need to be accomplished every other day to get the results I want.

    Racing - might be a good reason to keep coming back daily, but even racing gets capped off pretty quick with as good as the players are nowadays.

    Fishing - is always a good one for me to come back to day to day, I'll always come back if the fishing is good.

    Revitalizing an area - might take some time to accomplish, and it might need some sort of maintenance, such as replanting or harvesting, maybe crop rotation, it depends on what you want to accomplish.

    Soil Amendment- There might be a use for it. There might be certain phytoremediative plants that need to be planted in order to clean the special soil you need to grow that special plant, that a special animal or fish or plants need in order to grow.

    Or maybe you can plant a phytoremediative plant to clean the soil you want to use, and you can use the metals and minerals that the plant collects from this plot of soil as ingredients for a recipe or final product. Maybe it's the only way to mine certain ingredients. Maybe money does grow on trees.

    Day to day.
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    They would have to completely rewrite much of the code if they were to add a fully functioning MMO with in the current state of the game.
    There is a reason why your base size has it's limitations as well. If it were to have player hosting with a 4 player max kinda thing, I can see someone modding that up for sure.
    What makes this game so great is it's atmosphere. The complete isolation and being utterly alone is what this game is about.Having this world populated would kill that vibe. If a multiplayer mod was to come out, that would be cool, kinda like the Skyrim mod but if Subnautica turned into an MMO, I would most likely not play it. Remember, having an MMO (massive multiplayer online) will need a steady stream of income for server costs and always needing to add new things to keep the player base engaged in order to keep that stream of income.
    Indie MMO's hardly ever make it.

    The market has been flooded with MMO's and 'Games as a Service' products. This is the reason I believe that there has been an explosion in really good single player indie games and I think it's in response or even a backlash from over saturation and other practices that the current state of AAA gaming is in.

    I am NOT trashing on OP's ideas at ALL. I think OP came up with some really fun and unique ideas, I just think having a populated "planet" would take away much of what makes Subnautica so unique and charming. I would like to see some type of an automaton that feeds the bio-reactor and maybe some other quality of life improvements tho.
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