NS1 pub server event this weekend

PyromaniacPyromaniac Join Date: 2009-02-20 Member: 66498Members
Come play NS1 this weekend on Saturday and Sunday starting at 3pm EST / 9pm CEST! The ENSL NS1 community is hosting a public server for a weekend of fun, casual games to celebrate a new patch.

The game is now easier than ever to install and get playing without messing with configs and files. It also has received a bunch of updates, including Linux/OSX support and proper widescreen. Check out the changes and download it here: https://github.com/ENSL/NS/#downloads
If you use the launcher, it will show the status of the pub server we'll be playing on and right clicking it will launch the game and join the server.
Come join us on discord as well to stay up to date, get help, give feedback, or just chat - https://discord.gg/ZUSSBUA

If you're interested in playing competitive 6v6 gathers, we've had games almost daily for the past few months. There's info in the discord on how to sign up for those.


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