Inventory screen too close to face in VR?

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Hi, I am not sure if this is a bug but in VR, the inventory screen is so close to my face it is like reading an ipad with my eyes nearly glued to the screen. Because of this, the text is very blurry and unreadable.

Any way to make the inventory screen further away from my face? It really hurts my eyes. :/


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    I have this too, with my Vive. Inventory is about 3 inches from your face.

    Also the health bars and item belt are not as close, but they are only halfway on the screen.
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    Me too, though I'm on the Rift.
    I almost fell over trying to back away from the screen the first time the inventory pda came up. I cant read anything on it with it being that close. It makes the game unplayable for me. :(
    Please help.
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    Have this problem also.
    And it's not just the PDA.

    Also subtitles => they are so low on the screen, I can only barely notice the bubble top border at the bottom of the screen. Text is completely out of the screen.
    In-game Feedback => the feedback UI is out of the screen. And as being also glued to my eyeballs, turning my head to left or right doesn't do anything good. Also on top of that it plainly just doesn't work and sais that your feedback servers are offline or broken.

    Also wtf is with the mouse icon in the first pod ladder thingie? I use controller. I don't wan to see any mouse or keyboard icons anywhere.

    The entire VR experience is just BS right now (combined with the abysmally bad and unintuitive controller controls) and unplayable.

    Devs, have you already and completely abandoned this game and moved on?

    for time being I try to play this game "as intended" - with no VR; with keyboard and mouse. It already seems much better. Not because monitor or mouse+keyboard is better, just the game is made for them and everything else at this point seems more like an afterthought.

    #1 also wtf is with this muncher human character? I eat once in every 24h in real life ( #carnivore4life ). This one is starving every 20minutes or less? Is this some kind of vegan simulator? Couldn't take this unrealistic BS anymore and restarted game in "Freedom" mode.

    #2 medikit 1 left click = automatic medikit use without any confirmation and with 0 injuries and @ full health? really? Just poooof, medikit GONE. good job!

    #3 day/night cycle is like instant and happens in less than few minutes of gameplay? wtf? crashes, went outside - day - went back in, picked up medikit and some other stuff, went outside again - night. Whaat? is it because I picked up also flares so I automatically have to have darkness? swam, picked up few mushrooms, back up and to pod to put them to storage, went outside again - day. Really? day at this planet lasts 5 minutes?
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    I would like to chip in on this, however seeing that his thread is nearly a year old does not fill me with confidence.
    I love the game, it is one of the best VR experiences I ever had. Generally it plays fantastic too, with some hickups but they are never a game breaker.
    Along comes the inventory ..

    Setup: Windows PC, Oculus Rift S, everything default

    Walking mode (not in a vehicle)
    Opening the inventory is very very close to your face. I did notice it was worse when I first played, but maybe I just got used to it.
    I wish it was just 5cm further away and scaled up a little. It is also jumping around quiet a bit, which might be because of the outward tracking of the rift, but it is a bit eye straining for sure.

    In a vehicle
    So far I only have the Seamoth. And if I open the inventory in there it is kind of perfect distance wise. But the scale is so small that it is very pixelated. It would need a lot bigger scale, otherwise it would be awesome.

    Worth mentioning, the construction menu. Like when you select a base module.
    This is soooo wonderful to read and so easy on the eyes. Of course it's not as immersive as the pad inventory.

    And last but not least, all subtitles or hints are soooo far down that you can not read them. They seriously need to be way further up.

    These are my only complaints though. Controls (I play with xbox controller) are fantastic and intuitive. You can play sitting! Awesome. The character is a bit fast on hunger, water, but it's still ok. Maybe a tad less would be nice.
    Anyway, if this game still is in dev it is a true VR masterpiece.
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    @GarryPlays I don't know about the VR-specific version, but the Steam, Xbox, and Ps4 have all had V1.0 release. They may be working on more fixes, but it's been a while. There is a mod to improve the VR visual experience, clicky.
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    @narfblat OMG! thank you!! that mod is a god blessing.
    Just everything that was annoying is gone.

    I can finally press the engine button in the cyclops! I can see through the seamoth. The inventory is so huge and gorgeous.
    There are animations! I didn't even know. You can walk faster. Please stop it now, I thought they made him so slow since he is wearing swim feet, rofl.

    Totally awesome. Pure bliss. Thanks for sharing.
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