Does anyone want to run a server on my machine?

snacksy13snacksy13 Norway Join Date: 2017-03-10 Member: 228823Members
I have a dekstop computer connected to my university fiber internett ~1gb/s (with ports open)

Location: Norway - Trondheim
Processor : 6850K
Ram: 32GB
SSD: 256GB

I love NS2 and this machine is being unused, i go to the university and thought it would be cool to set the computer to something useful

Have no experience setting up a NS2 server and getting all of the (basically mandatory) addons to work

My discord profile is snacksy13#3865

Extra notes:
The computer is water cooled. So maybe there is a possibility to overclock if more power is needed. Also it has a 1070 in it, but that's not useful for servers from what i understand.

Due to the spherical shape of the earth Norway is actually closer to USA than a map would make you believe,
we are closer to New York than Germany for example.
So maybe the Ping for US players wont be to bad?

I can design stuff in Illustrator/Photoshop so if we need banners or something for the server i can with that.

Anyways if you have some experience with NS2 servers please contact me :)


  • ArchieArchie Antarctica Join Date: 2006-09-19 Member: 58028Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Supporter, WC 2013 - Supporter
    Hey mate i'd be more then happy to set up your server for you, i have run Australian and US servers before. Ill hop onto discord tonight.
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