[Below Zero] Bug with building a base on land (During a storm)

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After placing 3 Foundations down on the ground then adding 2 large rooms one on top of the other; I then added a few corridoors and as soon as I put down a multi-purpose room, I get the sound of the hull rupturing and water pouring into the base with no obvious hull breaches (why would there be since it is on land?) I dismissed that as a one off then built another Multi-purpose room at the other end of the base; same audio phenomenon and each time I added or removed a module to this base I got the hull rupture/base flooding sound, so in the end I deconstructed the base in its entirety and decided to report my findings here.

Platform: Windows 10
Version: Steam experimental build Jul-2019 16236
Date: 17/07/2019
Time: 23:00 (time of bug being found)

Steps taken to reproduce bug:
Built another section of the base in question during a heavy storm (getting struck by lightning in survival mode with everything unlocked and NoCost set to true) and listening to the base sounds, same thing hull breach/base flooding sound plays


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    I have the same problem! I went around my base with a welder and found that my modification stations and jukebox were damaged, but it didn't solve the problem. Im also playing in creative.
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    Not sure if this is connected but I’ve played through up to the point where you are supposed to repair the rocket and send the bio sample up to Vesper twice. Both times I am unable to repair the rocket at all. It just sits at 0% repaired. The only common thing both times is I was trying to repair it during a storm. I’m wondering if there is a glitch when trying to build or repair things during a storm.
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