Is there an update in the make at all for this game?

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As the title says, especially the game saving could use some love imho.
I'm on Xbox One X btw.


  • CristofCristof Join Date: 2016-11-10 Member: 223778Members
    Well they claim they are still working on it... but actual updates and progress reports or even the occasional post on their own forums updating the fans.... are very, very far and few in between. I used to recommend subnautica to every gamer I knew.... Now I am getting embarrassed to mention it to anyone who is a console gamer.

    The slightest hint of a sign of life towards future progress would be a huge leap forward, but... I'm wondering if keeping Subnautica installed is just a waste of hard drive space. Most companies actually have someone designated to communicate with the fans and try to keep them assured that they are still working behind the scenes, but when they abandon even their own forums... I suspect the game isn't far behind.
  • Dutchman141Dutchman141 the Netherlands Join Date: 2016-05-18 Member: 216936Members
    Well that'll teach me not to buy a game in preview again.
    I was realy looking forward to this title on Xbox but devs can obviously just not care anymore when they got their money and stop fixing gamebreaking bugs.
    So EA like......

    I recommended this game to some friends too but told them to wait untill at least the game saving was fixed.
    I'll just inform them now to just let it pass.
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    I did the same thing told everyone i know not to buy an unfinished game... over it....
    was told more fixes were on the way.... been a long wait.. last couple updates actually ADDED more bugs....

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    They should be a shamed of there self, I love this game and mentioned it to a lot of people but console players are not a priority for this developer. We are still in preview but there is already an dlc for pc. It’s been for more then a year now. Such a beautiful game and they are just letting it go to waste.
    @unknownworlds: good job!!!!!! Thank you for the preview without getting the finished game. Keep working on pc dlc’s. I’m done with this game.
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    I know they subcontracted the console updates out. I think that company probably did their best and they just reached a point where they said "this is about as good as it's gonna get without a major rewrite" and that was that.

    After doing a from-scratch install after the latest update, the game was definitely better. Far from a finished product...but better. So progress was made. I just don't think it ever got to the point any of us were hoping it would.
  • Dutchman141Dutchman141 the Netherlands Join Date: 2016-05-18 Member: 216936Members
    After a month not even a reply by the devs or comm. manager,....... says enough in my opinion.

    Such a shame.
  • xxxxnoodlexxxxxxxxnoodlexxxx Join Date: 2018-11-16 Member: 244743Members
    This is ridiculous. Making a new game while you literally can't even save on Xbox One.
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    I do hope they will still be working on the game. It's been 3 months since the last update. I really love this game but sometimes its unplayable.
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    Anyone having a problem loading their game file? (illegal rep dist code) is the error I get and I can't load it in after reinstalling, hard resetting or anything
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