Below Zero

DragonRider940DragonRider940 Join Date: 2019-01-31 Member: 249824Members
When will Unknown Worlds release Subnautica Below Zero on Xbox One


  • TheAlterraCorpTheAlterraCorp City-Station 749 Join Date: 2019-05-23 Member: 253021Members
    Probably near 2021 if were lucky, but no need to rush the developers.
  • CristofCristof Join Date: 2016-11-10 Member: 223778Members
    Not gonna lie... It's probably quite likely that the game will have a fully functional PC expansion before it's even optimized for console... And that at this rate, it seems unlikely that they'll ever get a functioning below zero port to the console fans. I am a huge fan since the days of og early access, but since I only have console available to me now, the lack of progress on it after all this time is disheartening.

    I watched a few different youtubers take on subnautica, excited and eager to dive in myself, but I have avoided all new content, because I'm skeptical I'll ever see it on console.

    I love this game, but clearly its a pc game, and console players suffer.
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