After the latest Patch on Xbox: Loosing Saves and Cyclops Wall Glitches

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Hello together,

came back after I read about the new Update. Got two mayor bugs that really hurt

1. When closing the game and coming back there is an old save and not one of the latest session:
Been playing since two days and already have lost like 10 hours of gaming because it seems that it didn't save (even though I pressed save and I saw the saving icon in the upper left.). Played today for a few hours, saved ever now and then but then after shutting down the Xbox and coming back after a few hours break, it had exactly the save that I had when I started my last session. Don't have to say how anyoing that is when you did hours of farming and station building. Honestly guys, it's hard to behave now because this is pretty shitty. It did work before the update??? What the f*** are you doing there???

2. Cyclops Wall glitch
Happened already a few times, in Blood Kelp and Lost River, when I was standing at a locker or the Fabricator in my Cyclops that I suddenly gitched through the wall and fell down to the ground. Sometimes after a few meters I got lucky and the "Water jump" happened and I was swimming again, sometimes I hit the ground and died. Pretty cool when you play in Hardcore.


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    Bumb: because it would be great to know if there is anyone working on this issue and if there is going to be a patch sometimes.

    Let's be honest, a game Iike Subnautica with a broken Save mechanic is not so playable.
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    Hi @Ganvai, I'm sorry it took me a while to respond and I'm really sorry this saving/loading issue is killing your ability to progress. I believe the save issue you're describing has been happening to some people since before the last patch. A quick rundown of where we're at: we are looking at saving related issues as the highest priority items, and in the meantime we're putting out a smaller patch with some bug fixes and some options in a developer menu to help those that have been affected by game blocking bugs.

    For your specific issue, I'm trying to gather more information to help us identify the cause.
    1. When you quit the game, or in general, do you end by saving -> quitting to main menu -> hitting power button on your Xbox or something else?
    2. Do you know if your Xbox is set to Instant-on or Energy-saver mode? You can check with these instructions
    3. When you see the save from the previous session, would you agree that in the latest session(not visible) you saved multiple times before quitting the game and that the only save showing was from a completely different play session?
    4. Have you ever run into an issue on your Xbox where you received a syncing error from Microsoft when launching Subnautica?
    5. Is it possible that you're logged into a different profile than when you played and lost the session? Saves are specific to a profile so if you have a few profiles you can check on it might still be there.

    Again, thank you for writing us about this and giving us details. I'm very sorry it is hurting your play-through.
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    I had the save issue happen to me a couple of days ago. I literally lost over an hour of progress when I loaded it up. Before quitting to main menu, quitting to dashboard, waiting for saves to sync, the shut down the console in energy saving mode I had saved the game at least twice and made sure I waiting the minute or so that saving game message is on screen for before I quit to main menu.

    When I switched on next day I noticed the picture from the save looked like it was a screen from an earlier session and when I loaded it up it hung on the loading level... screen for a couple of minutes with absolutely no HDD activity before the game started loading properly.

    Once loaded I realised I had lost over an hour of progress.

    I use energy saving mode

    I always quit by saving -> quitting to main menu -> fully quitting the game on dashboard > leave console on dashboard for a few minutes to allow saves to sync to the cloud -> then shut down in energy saving mode.

    This is the only game I have ever had save problems.

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