Random ideas for use in this or future games

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There are a few ideas I've been kicking around that might be helpful for the Subnautica franchise, so I thought I'd post them here in case any UW employees are in need of inspiration:
  • A Seaglide upgrade at the modification station that allows small amounts of oxygen to be refined from the exhaust and added to the player's O2 meter while at speed. Would require ion batteries to work for any length of time due to high power draw.
  • A constructable mining robot that will work an indicated area, slowly generating resources from said area. The robot would have a low-level AI capable of basic interactions (waving at the player, intervening if a leviathan is threatening them , etc) and make cheerful-sounding noises when approached.
  • A change to the inventory system in which different types of inventory are stored different ways; i.e. a "lunchbox" that is used to store food, a refillable water bottle that is used to store water, a "backpack" for mineral resources and tools, and a net bag to capture live fauna (with a mechanic of carnivorous fauna consuming others stored in the same bag). Upgrades could include size increases, a refrigeration module that would extend the time that a meal is fresh in the lunchbox, and multiple pockets to keep aggressive fauna from harming each other after capture.
  • A mapping system which would require at least three beacons to be set at least one kilometer from one another, which would then allow the player to record basic features of the topography and insert notes and attach screenshots. Upgrades could include sensor emplacements that detect fauna activity, a "mapping scanner" seatruck extension to allow the player to add topographic and geological data to the map, and surface emplacements to detect meteorological phenomena.
  • "Lilypad" solar cells that float upward from a base to reach better sun coverage.
  • A "corral" for captive fauna outside of a seabase, either made of some sort of force field or else just some fiber mesh, as an alternative to the alien containment system (possibly able to be expanded to include a captured leviathan?)

Feel free to add to the list or critique as desired


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