[Bug] Equipment fails to unlock

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I cannot get the prawn suit to unlock. I have scanned many parts including the main portion which I found and have ended up with 2/20 done. However I did witness the percentage go from 50% down to 5% after scanning an arm. In other words, I scanned an arm, which then brought down the percentage for unlocking the main prawn suit portion. In the blueprints section I see many prawn suit components including prawn suit mk3.

For those with the same problem, a console command will force the prawn suit to unlock.
How to listed here: https://reddit.com/r/subnautica/comments/6jbq7t/prawn_suit_doesnt_unlock/
Make sure to heed the warning in the wiki page https://subnautica.fandom.com/wiki/Console_Commands

Unfortunately this bug has broken immersion for me, at least temporarily.

Also, It would be nice if there was a way to find bug fixes, and post bugs without seeing a ton of spoilers.


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    There are 2 separate counters for unlocking the prawn suit: 4 large pieces or 20 basic arms. Your progress wasn't erased, you just got progress for another path. It should have all been on the same path though. Maybe we can get them to put this on the bug list.
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    @narfblat thanks for pointing that out. I forgot about the two tracks to unlock it. I'm not sure if we are planning to have a similar progress for any Below Zero recipes but if we are this might be a good candidate to fix/improve and potentially bring back to Subnautica.

    @MutantEmu sorry about the spoilers, we try to keep the general discussion in the other forum and just bug reports here but it is hard(maybe impossible) to keep game play details out of the bug reports.
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