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Poorly-photoshopped memes aside, Now that below zero is officially out, I'd like this to be a thread to discuss the ecology of 4546B's Arctic oceans. A place to notice what creature interactions are already in the game, which one's we'd like to see in the future, and any problems we might have with the state of the ai and whatnot. I haven't actually played the game yet, but when I do I'll add to this thread. I'll start off with some speculation, though:

There are several animals in below zero that spend significant portions of their lives on land. The Pengwing, Pinnicarid (a personal favorite btw!), and possibly the snowstalker, depending on if it swims like a polar bear to chase prey. One question this immediatly brings up is: Do these creatures breathe air? The obvious answer would be yes, since their earth counterparts do. However, since it is an alien planet it's possible that creatures like the pengwing and pinnicarid breathe underwater and are able to "hold their breath" on land. Whichever way it is, I hope there's some system in the game where these creatures have to come to the surface to breathe, on occasion. If it's the reverse, then maybe there should be a system where they can't spend too much time out of the water. Some stuff in the trailer was pretty sweet too- that giant worm breaking through the ice bring up a few question as well: Will it only target the player, or will it target animals on ice floes? Will it even have a way to target things on top of the ice? How will it's heated nose ability interact with the world at large?

There's plenty more to nitpick about the game and dozens of new fauna species out there to be discovered, so lets get going!


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    First Impressions:

    I've started a survival playthrough and already there's some pretty great stuff. There were two big things that I noticed, first of which being that when predators eat prey the prey fish vanish, which I'm very happy with and is something that didn't happen always in Subnautica 1. The second thing is that very often around the pod in the beginning, pengwings and pinnicarids will fight each other- usually what happens is the pengwing will swim as if to attack the pinnicarid, only to get bitten and die. This is good and spices things up, but it feels a little clunky having pengwing corpses pile up. Ideally I'd like to see some kind of mechanism to vanish the bodies, either by having other predators eat them, having prey fish scavenge them, or make them disappear over time. There might be some system like this in place already that I just haven't seen, I'll need to check it out more.
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    Sharks and crashfish seem to have a natural interaction going on in the twisty bridges. Mostly because as far as I can tell, the sharks are... not too bright, the poor lads. Ah well. At least they can survive plenty of crashfish explosions...
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    Is pinnicarid taming with fish temporary, like it is with stalkers? Also, I witnessed a rock puncher inflict a mighty wallop upon a boneshark that strayed too close.
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