Arctic diaries I - Flying Crashfish

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Altera survival Log day 2 - Robin Goodall
Day two after the storm destroyed the research station around the rocket relay station, I have discovered some concerning organisms. The crashfish is an organism endemic to the oceans of 4546B, their ability to deliver catastrophic barometric explosions made all the more dangerous by how territorial and aggressive they are. As they are a marine organism, the concerns regarding the organism is limited but I have discovered something incredibly concerning
The crashfish, formerly considered an entirely marine organism, has began to manifest nests above the waterline on the ice sheets surrounding the site of the research station. Whilst this may be a simple coincidence of nature, the possibility of these crashfish achieving amphibious capabilities and perhaps even flight is incredibly concerning. It is unknown how dangerous these crashfish are, but if they indeed are able to manifest as full air breathers they may one day gain the capabilities to assault Altera space stations directly through large swarms of suicide crashfish. If not properly contained, these crashfish may eventually evolve to become the dominant organism in the Orion arm precinct. I will need to do more research to find out more about this incredibly concerning development.


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