SpawnNearby Failed - Any help is appreciated!

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I am desperately trying to fix this issue. SpawnNearby Failed! I'm on Xbox One. I've been playing in Freedom for the past few weeks loving every minute of the game. Yes. There have been some glitches. Mostly issues loading biomes. I learned to deal with it. Instead of going ahead full speed in my Seamoth I take a little more time so it has a chance to load or I might crash into the side of a mountain that suddenly appeared.

So, imagine my shock when I **FINALLY** made it to the primary containment facility in my PRAWN suit. I battled the warpers and have my blue table in my inventory!

I pass through the green opening and head for the forcefield excitingly waiting to see the Sea Emperor!

Suddenly, when my PRAWN lands on the platform and I immediately save my glitches and my PRAWN seems to be fused to the alien structure....just a few feet from the door.

I try to EXIT the PRAWN and get a SpawnNearby Failed error. I try my thrusters. PRAWN stays stuck! I can't die because no im in FREEDOM mode I don't need to worry about food and water. I can't suffocate because I'm IN the alien structure and have unlimited air.

My PRAWN has an ION Power Cell but even if I run out of power.....I still can't die.

So, I figured....."Well....use a cheat" but then I discovered that the dev console has been removed.

Basically, all my hard work is out the door. I'm 42 years old and hardly ever get so immersed in to a game like this and I'm pretty desperately looking for a solution.

I can only hope that the developers are monitoring this forum and can offer some help. Maybe even push a version of the game to me that has the dev console?

Basically, at this point, it seems that THE ONLY thing I can do is start a new game and I just have lost the passion to do that. :neutral:



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    Thank you for sharing this, and I'm completely on the same page with you wanting to fix this glitch rather than restart. You and others have run into issues like this, seemingly rare/one off problems that completely block you from continuing. I am working on getting the dev menu back into the consoles, in the process of testing it now and will hopefully have good news for you soon.
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    Thanks so much! It's an amazing game! My son who is a Jacksepticeye fan got me hooked.
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