Do you do it on purpose????

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I was merrily trotting forward in my Seamoth when a large wreck materialized itself around the thing. The SM could'nt get out nor could diver guy. F**king hell guys. I had this several times in preview and now still? You should start paying me as play tester. 4 words: Bring Back the Console !! If your coding is as shitty as this, then at least give players something to ease the anger. And also this: STILL only one save slot??? If I had accidentally saved at that time (entirely possible on Xbox) ,I would have lost my whole game. Seriously. I will most probably buy the upcoming DLC, but only, and I mean only, after 9 months. When numerous patched will have been implemented and price dropped to 5 $. Lessons learned .
- bring back the Console commands
- make more than 1 save slot

You are killing ypur own product! Never ever seen anything this buggy. And I've driven one. If bugs would be taken in account in review scores, SubNautica would receive minus 80


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