Add a server option to remove top leading x players after each round.

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Before bile bombing on this, think about it.

I played a lot of rounds in the past 2 weeks and everytime it was the same issue.
The round starts, and one or two of the players are ALONE enough to win the round for their team, e.g. 40 kills and only 2-3 deaths.
So clearly, whoever goes against them, will die.

This kills off a server quite easily, as people leave and try to have fun on a different server, because they want to matter again and be not only junk food for others.

I would suggest, that the best players are forced to spectate a round or have a x minutes server ban. So its not a punishment but rather a method to keep the server alive and stable, and again give the majority of the people a fun ride too.
Instead of the ban method, it could be possible to use the normal kick mechanics of the server.

But how to decide, if a player qualifies for consideration?
I think, it should be done by following rules:
  1. Make a mixed scoreboard of aliens and marines into a list, sorted descending by kills, deaths and score.
  2. Read a parameter to find out the number of to be removed players, shrink the list down to this number of top players and remove all others from the list.
  3. Read a parameter to set the minimum skill tier to qualify to be removed, filter the list with this skill tier and remove all players, which are below that skill tier.
  4. All remaining players on the list should now be forced to spectate, kicked or banned.

Alternatively it could be possible to just use the K/D ratio calculated per player as a sort criteria for the list.
Also instead of using the skill tier, it could use the skill value of the players.

With this, the server option would need following parameters to operate:
  • mode selection (spectate / kick / ban)
  • number of rounds/minutes (if spectate mode: number of rounds to force a player to spectate, if kick or ban mode: number of minutes to kick or ban a player)
  • number of removed players, (on how many top players of the scoreboard it will apply)
  • minimum skill tier (players below set minimum skill tier, will never qualify for the method)


  • SantaClawsSantaClaws Denmark Join Date: 2012-07-31 Member: 154491Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    So if I just make sure to kill myself enough, I can avoid being banned... Silly.

    You do mention looking at the skill tier, but at that rate it's no different from just having a skill cap on the server.
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    edited October 2018
    Hmm, yes because that wont get frustrating at all 71.gif So tell me, are the 7-10 full servers and ~5 with players an indicator of how many servers are populated during high tide of the ~250 concurrent players? If you want an effective way to kill the game community, this is an effective way to kill the game community...

    Because of the current tiny amount of people still playing NS2, it's simply unavoidable to keep running into the "best of the best". However, tmpbanning them or forcing the into spectator is basically the same as saying, go fuck yourself for being too good at the game. Imagine you are the one on the receiving end of this discriminatory system flipping you off every time you're on a roll even

    TBH, this is an issue with the skill ceiling and the skill floor both being too high along with the lack of a "noob tubes" concept
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    Very good idea. Becoming too good at the game is an attack on humanity and should be punished.
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    I'm closing this before the entire community unleashes its collective ire on you. You're welcome.
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