Crabsquids (just straight up Crabsquids)

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A few days ago, I was messing around in survival, and I wanted to go to the Lost River. I decided to go in through the Northern Bloodkelp Entrance (I'm pretty sure). As I went in, I was slightly weirded out by the fact that I was standing on the edge of what seemed to be an infinite ledge. (not the actual infinite ledge in the dead zone, that's a whole other story). I was less scared, more amazed that the PRAWN Suit had a really cool echo noise whenever I punched or walked around. Suddenly, a saw a Crabsquid crawled towards me and attacked me. In the two years I've played Subnautica, I had never seen a Crabsquid crawl on the seafloor to attack. I kind of thought that it would happen, but I had never seen it ingame. I don't know if it was because I didn't expect it, or because it was in the Bloodkelp zone, or just because it was freaky to see a weird spider-squid creature crawl around, but I got spooked. I almost fell down because I accidentally kicked my chair. As scary as Crabsquids are, I had never been scared that bad by them. Any other memories, good or bad (probably bad) memories with scary creatures in Subanutica?


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    a long time ago (when there was still a reaper leviathan near the front of the aurora), the reaper leviathan snook up on me and grabed my seamoth. he pushed me through the map too so i could see everything from the bottom of the map so that was pretty cool in the end but the start wasn't very much.
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    In my current hardcore playthrough, I encounter a Ghost Leviathan in the grassy plateaus near the Northern blood kelp zone... it took me by surprise as I don't think they spawn there. Had to quickly hide behind the juvenile Reefback Leviathan to avoid it:

    Anyway, the Ghost Leviathan had a hard time swimming there as many area there is not deep enough... it keep swim through terrain... hope it don't stay there...
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