Several suggestions for marine weapons mechanics

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1. Please replace button "drop weapon" to "change/take weapon". If you press it when no weapon in your target scope - its not working. The exclusion is welder. When you press "drop weapon" and have welder, it wont be dropped, but changed to axe. Pressing with axe having welder - same - change to welder.

Its because nobody wants to drop their weapon without speed bonus or something. I see dropping weapons only in sandbox mode just for fun.
Dropping weapon causes situations when you try to get disappearing weapon, It disappears and you throw away your weapon without raising a new one.
It makes you weaker for 2-3 seconds without real reason - just about game usability.

Thanks, @Nin (discord), his idea

When you getting dropped ammopack on the ground - you have to get ammo as much as your marine can carry, no more. Example: you have 6/23 ammo and you see dropped shotgun. Last owner shots all the bullets before and dropped shotgun has 0/24 for example. You got this 24 ammo but getting only one bullet. Next guy who take this shotgun - gets 0/0 thanks for you. 23 ammo just lost in time.

Somebody wants to current system. I think, this guy want that the ammopack can be taked by other soldier. Ammo lost on the field everytime makes team a bit weaker. Just a bit but makes.

...Ty for reading. Sorry bad english.


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    Thank you. Thats an option.

    Just you get mouse2 for change operation, what can be used in future to other, more specially effect... like hold welder for faster welding for next 2 seconds, like "chargeable welder", not as railgun, just can preload it like flashlight in metro 2033, it has its own clip/magazine for be preloaded and saved, and next you pressing mouse1 and have 0-3 sec faster welding (for exo, for remote resource towers, for power nodes) or other same thing.

    we have button for dropping weapons we using for change right now. we can use it to change... just about redropping welder... but i nowhere see anyone that redrops damn 3 res to hold it.
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    To exchange weapons between players you have to push this button on other player, who immediately gets notification about "player wants to exchange weapons", if other player accept this via his "change weapon" key, it will exchanged between. Still you can hold the button to constantly redrop weapon on the ground - your, dropped, your, dropped. It must be able to give you ability to hold button and run over weapon to get it even if it is almost disappeared
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