The Dark Tale of Obraxis Prime

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The spaceport on Obraxis Prime was bustling.

People going to and from ships all across the facility. Obraxis Prime was one of the most popular spaceports. People were dining at the spaceport's many diners, or outside on the tables and chairs. Others ran around the many shops, buying food and water, toys, and other items. Some were waiting in the lines for medium sized vessels, and others were full of people leaving them. Some smaller ships were docked, crews of five to ten doing repairs or stocking supplies. Hundreds walked around the spaceport, going places others wouldn't know.

One man in particular, Bently Huber, was about to do something no other man would dare. He had arrived at the spaceport three weeks ago, and spent time collecting multiple materials. From jury rigged batteries and power cells to multiple titanium, he was finally done. He had intel of a Survival Fabricator located in one of the nearby small ships. He already had a silenced weapon he had purchased years ago. But that wasn't enough. A silenced laser pistol couldn't do much.

He had his backpack full of the materials, and his pistol holstered at his side. Walking north from the entrance was the check in area. They scanned you there, so he had to find a way around.

He pushed over a woman and ran before anyone saw him. That got their attention, but not at him. They ran over to help the lady, and he went past. Nobody noticed him.

Bently walked casual north, then too the first turn down the south corridor. He moved forward, then stopped at the security office. He opened the door, and the only security guard glanced up at him. The guard stood, but as soon as the automatic door shut, he pulled out the silenced laser pistol. In a single moment, the guard was dead. No turning back now. He grabbed the badge off the guard and looked around approaching a console.

Searching the consoles, he found the location of a ship. "A-348" was located on the northwest wing, and had a functioning survival fabricator. If he could get there...

He walked out of the room, checking his surroundings. Tons of people were in the southern wing, but hadn't heard the events. He walked back to the main area, the went down the northwest wing. He followed it down for about 10 minutes, then located the ship. The crew was working on it, and the security badge came in handy. He walked up to the crew.

"Hello sir, would you mind if I inspected your ship? A recent discovery of chems was discovered, and we need to check for mandatory reasons." He said, a bead of sweat dripping down his face. This needed to work.

"Oh, uh, sure man! Go ahead!" The man opened the door, and Bently went inside. Bently walked into the front, then into the back. The Lifepod was a segment in the back, and he stepped in. The fabricator had power, so he walked up and opened the interface He took out his materials and placed them on the base. He quickly selected the Automatic Laser Rifle Option. He waited as it formed, and grabbed the weapon, holstering it in the backpack. He opened the door, stepped out, and looked at the man.

"Your all good sir. See you!" And Bently walked away. He walked back to the main lobby, where hundreds walked around doing many things. It was time. He slowly opened the bag and pulled out the automatic weapon. Some people saw it and screamed, but it was too late. He was already firing. People ran, but most were hit. He fired wildly. No real target but everyone there.

This is what they gets! He yelled in his mind, attempting to make himself keep shooting. This is what they get for taking my baby girl!


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    Nice backstory... How many do you think were killed?
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    The Aftermath of the Obraxis Prime Incident (Offical Private Document)

    Currently known statistics:
    Injured Citizens:
    140 in stable condition, 80 in critical.
    Confirmed Dead: 563 confirmed.
    Lost/Missing: 230 unaccounted for.

    Suspect: Male named Bently Huber, age 35, Divorced, Daughter died during a police raid.

    Incident report: Suspect acquired the location of a survival fabricator and abused it to create an automatic laser rifle, using parts that take years to acquire. Used weapon to Massacre the spaceport, killing hundreds and injuring many. Multiple guards were gunned down as they attempted to stop him. He was killed by a stray bullet a guard fired towards his head.

    Cause: Reported by the divorced wife to have been "Mentally unstable after the police raid. Always talking about getting back at them." Likely revenge act upon Alterra's failed raid that killed his daughter.

    Outcomes: Obraxis Prime Spaceport will be closed until further notice. All spacecraft inside will be on lockdown, and the planet is currently not open to incoming ship aside from official Alterra Staff Vehicles. All citizens will be treated, and we will attempt to fix the damage that was done.

    -Alterra Corporation, Obraxis Galactic Center of Emergency and Saftey
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    They should put more lore about this in Below Zero, maybe even use some of this in it.
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    where is Obraxis Prime now?
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