Conductor, Imaginator, Balancer [Skynet V.8.28.18]

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Hello! I'd like to share a mod that I began on March 2nd, 2016.
My goal at the time was to create gameplay non reliant on Player.
Through a slow and tedious Agile development, I have since learned
over time how to improve my writings. This previous week I have
attained access to a dedicated server for the purpose of hosting
my writing.

From Easter-Summer 2016, Easter-Summer 2017, and now Summer-Fall 2018
I have developed three specific objects: Imaginator,Conductor,Balancer.
Once again, the goal is to rid the concept of Commander (Player).
If Siege is designed to have a Start, Middle, End then I want
to extend this concept into Intro Chorus Bridge Solo Edit: Verse Outro.

Structures spawn, researches research, ammopacks and medpacks drop,
macs weld players and structures, structures build over time,
drifters construct, drifters enzyme and hallucinate and mucous.
Structures drop and move and hives drop and alien structures
and marines structures drop based on range and time and
the location where structures drop is determined by
power node and whether or not it is disabled. Edit: The only
thing Team Resources do is get in the way of calculation
if not as good as time and ... nevermind.

Edit: Arcs instruct and alien phase cannons trigger (WIP)

All in all you can say that this mod works with: NS2, Siege, CO. Edit: Res gain WIP.
I've documented every single version of the mod on GITHUB, and I've
provided video evidence of every gameplay. While I have much work
to do on this mod such as making blueprints and not going based on
trial and error, edit: and improving time/perf ratio. I am very much excited to share as I continuously
learn to improve on my previous writing and create creative new writing. Edit: I have much fun playing
this mod and writing this mod as well as creating maps to play with this mod as it is less
restrictive than requiring much layers for commander view.

P.s - On the topic of One mod versus many mods and ns2 versus other game mode.
For my arrogance of not reading any writing other than NS2 and Shine (and not
any external mod), I seriously doubt any mod does not rely on ns2_gamerules.
Therefore I doubt any intelligence in any mod running maps with prefixes other than
ns2_. To extend on this topic, I have yet to see any building done by any of these
revoltees. All I see is copy and paste. No one is creating anything original around here.
All we are doing as a collective is taking credit for eachothers work.


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    I have been watching your YouTube videos over the past few years and quite enjoy the feature set between development cycles, thank you! and all best for future development

    Question:is there anyway to get this auto-director / video recorder working on other servers would love for it to record and capture footage akin to that of HLTV.
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