FPS lag and Strange Black Squares

FarliFarli UK Join Date: 2018-02-19 Member: 237914Members Posts: 2 Fully active user
I am new to the forums. First let me says that this game is nice a fresh look at a survival game and i and my family are loving it.

We have come across several issue on the xbox version

1) we some times get back square flickering on the screen
2) Sorry but the rendering speed is not good when your in the seamoth. there has been several time when i stopped after moving fast only to find that i am in side a mountain or a shipwreck. and died. seams like it needs optimizing a bit more.

3) this is more of a request please can the camera view, when placing a base plate but more zoomed out, it hard to line it up well. also the this a request from my wife its driving her nuts that she can not put multi purpose room in the center of a base plat form ( said i would ask).

Thanks for taking time to read this


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