Subnautica in VRchat

Aurora_SurvivorAurora_Survivor Naperville Illinois Join Date: 2018-01-04 Member: 234809Members
I am currently attempting to use the player model from subnautica and use it as my avatar in VRchat. I saw a reddit post about it and apparently it has been done before. I sent a message to him and he responded and got several details on how he’d done it. Since all the subnautica files are decrypted he found the player model file in the sharedassests file and used unity tools and blender to adjust the model to due it being 30k polygons and that needed to be reduced for it to work with VRchat. I do not have much experience in 3D modeling so if any one in this thread would like to assist me with some pointers that would be great. Also he said in that same server he saw players as Reaper Leviathans as well. Once I nail down the method on how this is properly done I will post another thread with a guide on how. I see great potential with this and I’m sure that many subnautica fans will love this!


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