Repulsion Turret

Q_bertQ_bert inactivelavart Join Date: 2018-05-08 Member: 240607Members
This would essentially be a repulsion cannon mounted to a rotating platform. It’d be useful for keeping stalkers away from your camera drones, and stopping crabsquids from EMPing seabases. They’d be constructed with the habitat builder, and would attach to base power like a floodlight or could be freestanding, using a power cell as an energy source. It’d fire slightly faster than the handheld repulsion cannon, due to the cannon being directly integrated into the CPU.

Recipe: 1X repulsion cannon, 1X power cell, 7X titanium, and 1X advanced wiring kit.

Fragments: Underwater Islands large wreck (in crates inside the wreck) Blood kelp trench wreck (strewn around inside) (2 needed)

It’d look very much like a repulsion cannon attached to the end of a short pole (maybe 1M in length) with four stabilizers at the bottom. The power cell would be fitted vertically into the pole.


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