A little salty (or not)

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1) I haven’t visited this site in AGES - now that I’m getting back into the game I’ll probably be around a lot more.

2) I need salt. Before the updates (last time I played Subnautica anyways) I remember there used to be an ABUNDANCY of salt! Now I can’t find any in the shallows anymore.

Have they moved the salt into a different biome or different location? Or have they just made it so salt is less frequent
That's just KrayZ!


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    Seems to be lots of salt on these here forums :trollface:

    Also I guess the closest to see it easily be the Red Grass zone. But it's also in the Kelp Forest, hidden behind all kinds of plant stuff...

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    They definitely moved stuff around, but salt is still easy to get to. As previously mentioned, in the early game you'll find it in red grass and kelp forest type zones.
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