Linked & Auto-sorting Storage, and/or Visual Representation of Contents on the Outside

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Not sure how feasible these ideas are.

I often have many lockers side by side to house all of my building materials etc. After creating 6 or 7 of them, it can get annoying trying to find specific items amongst the 100s that are scattered between the various lockers. Would it be possible to add an option to have lockers within a specific area be "linked" so that the items are all automatically sorted between them? So, for instance, titanium would be moved to Locker 1, spilling over to locker 2 if needed, then copper, then silver ore, and so on? So if I put more titanium into locker 8, it will be moved to locker 1 automatically. Maybe a computer chip and some copper wire could be used to create the intelligent sorting of the lockers, and the link could be represented visually in the same manner that power transmitters do it (maybe with a different coloured laser).

Another idea is to have a much quicker way of seeing what's inside each locker. I'm thinking of some sort of item list on the front, or perhaps a small pop-up when the player moves their crosshair over the locker in question, much like the way Fallout 4 handles containers. It might look something like this: (adding icons might help)

I'm not saying we should be able to interact with the contents of the locker in this way as you can in Fallout 4, it's just to quickly/easily discern what's inside each locker/storage.

Thanks for reading!


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