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Hey guys, just played the free 1 hour trial on Xbox One and before I buy it I just wanted to make some enquiries.

Q1: so the game has been in game Preview for 2 years now. Is there any estimate on when the finished product will be launched? A rough estimate is fine.

Q2: When the achievements are added to the game will the ones I have already met the requirements for automatically pop or will I need to play from the start again to meet them? For example, build a scanner room for the first time.

Q3: Is the game completeable in its current form?

Q4: Do the common ingredients such as copper, titanium etc respawn in areas after a while or is there a set amount of materials throughout the game and if you run out, you run out for good?


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    A1: There has not been an official date of release for the XB1 version of the game, however when the PC version hit 1.0 (Jan. 23, 2018) the XB1 version received the same update sans achievements. It is still in Game Preview due to its un-optomized state.

    A2: Not sure, I've seen reports of some Achievements applying retroactively while others require you to perform the action again.

    A3: See A1

    A4: As of the writing of this post, there is a finite amount a material. However, there is plenty in game for you to enjoy everything Subnautica has to offer.
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    To expand on Darth, generally we've been about 1-2 months behind PC, so we're likely to see 1.0 either this month or next. The xbox console restrictions may be causing delays however but with no new features being added we can now expect a much harder focus on the optimisation.
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    Ok thanks for the responses guys. I'll get on it tonight :)
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