Crabsquid Behavior

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So I was just checking out the
500m Degasi Base
which is camped by a crabsquid. I always have trouble with this one crabsquid as he/she is pretty attentive, so this time around I left my Seamoth near the cave ceiling and swam down to the "thing that we are talking about". I made sure to leave the headlights off and not use my flashlight as I'm pretty sure the crabsquid is either attracted to or hurt by light. While I'm scanning the thing down there I get a message about crush depth. I look out of the window AND THE CRABSQUID IS PUSHING MY SEAMOTH TO THE FLOOR!!!! He/she pushed it down and then left it and by the time I reached it, it was down to 10hp and it then imploded. I'm trying to get my seaglide on my hotbar as fast as possible so I can escape, and when I close the PDA the crabsquid is maybe 20m away just looking at me.

My question is, just how intelligent is the crabsquid? They have always seemed pretty dumb and easily scared away.


  • SkopeSkope Wouldn't you like to know ;) Join Date: 2016-06-07 Member: 218212Members

    There's probably some use for that giant head.
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    Yes, crabsquids are attracted to light. Turn your lights off in the DGF.

    Personally, I've always had a certain respect hate for crabsquids, as they have annoyed me to no end. They can disable electronics, and can go faster than a cyclops ON FLANK SPEED. THEY LOOK FREAKING SLOW, AND HAVE NO MEANS OF PROPULSION, YET CAN OUTRUN A CYCLOPS GOING FULL THROTTLE. Also, They kinda creep me out a bit. In my experence, everyone is like "Oh that thing looks big and stupid." and it then proceeds to kick your a**.

    Upon thinking on this, I'm working on an infected crabsquid - killing processioning machine. Some floodlights for a lure, and maybe lure them over to a warper or something. Or, if possible, lure them into a lava geyser. Or drop a rock on their heads.

    I really, really hate crabsquids.
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    I was checking out that same spot and was afraid of the squids ruining my seamoth.

    So I went in, light out, mind you... I saw three of them on the base... fugg....

    No problem, I sent 4 gas torpedoes their way, two landed, 2 went to hit warpers... why.jpeg

    So two swam away, good, only one to deal with, but I had no more torpedoes...

    I went to the base, slowly and landed my seamoth BELOW the foundation of that place, the squid ignored me but once i swam to the entrance of that place it started attacking my seamoth...

    So I panicked and went... Knife blazing?

    Yeah I swooped in and started to slash away, 12 slashes later it just noped away and left me to repair my seamoth, which has like 40% health D:

    It was close, the only downer is that i forgot to scan the bugger... oh well i'll look for one later
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    @Madshark There are plenty of eggs around there to hatch one if you don't want to take the risk.

    I think maybe entering the base triggers a response from one. It just seems odd that they would attack an empty seamoth with no lights on.
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    I visited that base via cyclops. Turned all lights off, dashed straight in and then straight out once I'd found everything I'd come for. It did chase the cyclops a little way but I was able to reach open water and start ascending.

    I did not know that there was a
    ghost leviathan
    about halfway up to the surface, that was terrifying.
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    Skope wrote: »

    There's probably some use for that giant head.

    Isn’t that its stomach tho
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    edited February 2018
    Cransquids always were the most scary thing in the game for me, maybe because they had no reguard for terrain and would always jump out through the walls at me.

    The spot you are talking about is the most annoying in the whole game I think. I normally have to spend a while headbutting the squids with the seamoth for a while to drive them off, but my absolute favorite way to deal with them is...
    to go down there with a prawn and grappling hook, latch onto the bastards and ride them around like a cowboy on a bull while punching them to death. Their EMP won't detach you and it is the most therapeutic thing in the world after how much of a pain they were.
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    I just park my Seamoth a bit off to the side away from them and just boop them away with the Repulsion cannon if they get in my face when exploring the Grand Reef base. They're creepy as hell (especially that one who watched me through the windows the whole time I was in the base) but I've never found them to be a big issue, honestly. Silent running Cyclops with decoys if I really feel like I need to get it around them.

    I'm pretty sure I saw a non-infected one pick a fight with a Warper though, which is interesting. It kind of made me appreciate Crabsquids because Warpers and Reapers are pretty much the only creatures who actually still strike fear into me after almost 100 hours of playtime.
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    i zapped them away with my Seamoth, they kinda run away when u do that, then parked my Seamoth right on top of the base and took my time exploring, no problem.
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