Arctic expansion wishlist

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Now that we have confirmation that the dlc is underway i want to post what I would like to see and maybe the devs can see it and consider it aswell as other people suggestions so let's start

Aside from the introduction of the arctic biome I would love to see other ones like: lilypads lake (I guess that's its name) aswell as the twisty bridges now will they come in this dlc? I hope so I'll be fine with one of them alongside the arctic biome

We all like different vehicles right but adding one will take huge amounts of time to be added so I think instead of adding new ones the existing ones can upgraded to a new version (more on that in the next part)

3-alien facilities:
I think that is a room for a new facility in the arctic and what I think it should be is an alien vehicle construction facility now this facility won't allow you to construct vehicles but augment your existing ones with precursor technologies i have a bit of ideas about what each vehicle can have and I'll post them near the end

Now story wise nothing can be added but there're rooms for stuff in the middle for example: obtaining the rocket blueprints shouldn't be that easy I think that when we download them we must decrypt it why? Well the captains quarter's terminal is well protected so how will you decrypt it after obtaining it the pda will tell you to search for alien facilities in order to find a way to decrypt it and after searching the disease research facility you will find a signal for the arctic biome and go there to find another facility and when you search inside it you'll find a terminal that allows access to decrypt the blueprints aswell as allowing you to upgrade your own vehicles.

5-vehicles new additions
1-increased movment speed by 25%
2-has 5 upgrade slots
3-has a torpedo bay by default and unlockes the decoy torpedo which attracts predators to it while moving
However it will consume more energy by 15%

-Prawn suit:
1-features a turret that will block incoming projectiles for 3 seconds then it will be on cooldown for 10 seconds
2-a doubled storage capacity
However it will produce more noise making it more noticeable by predetors

1-bigger model by 20% (this means the interior is expanded a bit)
2-a horn that simulates a levithan roar making medium sized creatures (like crab squids) less likely to attack you
3-an ability to create a small stasis field that freezes all creatures (will only slow levithan creatures) and it will cost a ton of power

This is what I'm hoping for if you guys have suggestions or improvements on what I have said even if you have your own ideas post them


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    While DLCs are good for generating some $$, I do feel there are some fundamental game elements that need a bit of work, and I would enjoy the game a whole lot more if they spent time on those vs. just adding a new Biome and a small story to go with it.

    this review touches on a lot of them

    But for me, first and foremost there needs to be some sort of "map", and i put map in quotes here because i don't mean it to be like your typical video game map with labels and stuff, it could be something similar to the map from the scanner room, where we can add our own labels/pinpoints, you start off with only a small fraction of it, then you gotta scan the sea floor to get the rest (with glider, sonar, cyclops, etc.), it can also be tied to a room, like say a map room, you get the picture.

    The second issue that I noticed after ~30h in, I'm starting to feel like there's no real purpose to having bases, I find myself using bases mostly for storage and the modification station, both of which we can have on the cyclops. There needs to be a true and clear NEED to build bases, otherwise i can either have everything i need on my cyclops or just keep the materials i need to build a bare-bone base for the modification station on me (or my ship). I'm not attached to my bases at all, because i'm treating them as storage drop points. Something is missing.
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    In another post of mine I've had a few... not awful story ideas. Like maybe a single centralized enormous hurricane which constantly makes is way, zigzagging across the planet's equator and peaking over into the southernmost portion of the Crater every couple hundred years, was previously contained by some energy field generated by the QEP and threatens to seriously damage the ecosystem in the Crater because it has gained insane sizes what with its being cooped up in containment on the other side of the globe. And so, if the Neptune is built by the time the QEP is disabled, the rocket will refuse to take off when primed for launch because the storm is detected as a threat which could pose any number of wind variables which the AI is incapable of handling. And so, the player is given a timer (like the sunbeam's) in which they will have time to store vehicles inside and prepare a bunker.

    But then, a day into this timer, the PDA suggests that there is a location on the map which will be untouched by the hurricane and that since the storm has been delayed (for some reason) the player has time to reach this location. But upon this, the PDA will automatically unlock blueprints for the submersibles which are currently in dlc. The safe place mentioned will, of course, be in the northern Arctic zone, (a place where the player couldn't go previously due to their previous vehicles not having sufficient oxygen stores and heat generators,) and will only now be able to venture to with the new vehicles. After the storm has passed, (maybe we could be gifted by a nice cinematic,) the player can return back to their base.

    The quest would be picked up from the player's radio, of course. Below is an example of what the quest's introduction might be:
    PDA: "Warning. Detecting trace electromagnetic signatures a few miles down planet equator. signals inconsistent with those generated by Aurora's core.
    Assessment complete. Data is consistent with high probability of approaching class-4 storm. It is suggested that you spend the remaining time preparing for the hurricane. Make sure that PDA systems are fully operational, as this may be a system error. Wait...
    Scan of environment from orbital satellite suggests that there is an area (so-and-so distance) East of your position which might provide shelter from the oncoming storm. For the best interests of your survival, you should prepare for a long-distance journey to this location."

    Aaand after this, maybe the player is given another mission in which they are to enable a 'secondary hurricane prevention generator' which is based in an alien facility the newly-discovered Arctic Biome (because the precursors obviously figured that were the hurricane to be unleashed again, anyone in their right mind would try to get the the Arctic as soon as possible). The would then have to find the Arctic facility, and enable the secondary generator with either a Green or Orange tablet or something.
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    use the white key!
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    What'd be very satisfactory is a reason for wanting to stay above the ice layer in certain parts of the Arctic due to terrifying enemies beneath the ice in said biomes which would tear any vehicle to shreds. These microbiomes would be really deep and bland and void of interest. But above these biomes would be wrecks or degasi land bases or something interesting which would push the player to traverse over the ice unlike the rest of the game. So they'd have a vehicle like a cross between a cigarette boat and a snowmobile which could go extremely fast and glide over water and jump over icebergs like ramps and then land on the ice without serious damage.

    Aaaand then there'd be something like the creature from Europa Report which melts through the ice or just leaps out of it at the player's vehicle out of nowhere- or it's probably be somewhat visible beneath the ice. It'd generate enough heat on its exterior to make separate little pools in the ice from which it could leap and chomp on anything that comes by it.
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    I think that if they decide to add that vehicle construction facility they should implement the other keys

    And i do like some of the suggestions here
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    I'd really like there to be a second way you can cure the disease. A certain someone was trying to find a cure the old fashion way, and had a pretty decent lab setup. I have also noticed the "transfuser", and the lab equipment floating around. Makes me wonder if they were not already thinking about something like that.
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