[Bug] Color stains

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I'm sorry if someone has already related this bug, but I couldn't find any topic (both on Steam and here) about it.

So, from time to time, some "color stains" appear on my screen, they usually start as little, roundish squares that keep growing until the whole screen is filled. I've witnessed the colors red, cyan, yellow and a pitch black. I guess it started after the Candy Eye Update, because the last time I played the game was in November.
At first, the stains started after a few minutes, between 5~40 minutes, and I could easily fix it by changing the color options between Off, Neutral and Filmic, but now they start everytime I turn my vision, and the game is completely unplayable, since I can't see anything.
I've also noticed that I usually can't directly look to Ghost Rays or Anchor Pods (especially the Ghost Rays), because they are shown as black squares (which sometimes start the bug).

Here are some screenshots:
I think these are cyan:

And these are red, yellow and black:

Sorry for the low resolution of some pictures, the site is automatically reducing it.


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