Thank you for the stream!

Calarand77Calarand77 lurking in general forums Join Date: 2016-01-22 Member: 211786Members
Hey devs, I just wanted to say thanks for the livestream.

It was a bumpy ride, yes, but it felt so incredibly genuine and honest. You were nervous, you were excited, and it all made me feel like I was there, celebrating the launch with you. So thank you for that chance to watch and listen to a group of people passionate about the game I love, sharing their experiences and insight on the inner workings of the development process.

And now I'm off to an adventure - starting a brand new game after a few months of Subnautica abstinence will be absolutely amazing.


  • eastofdeatheastofdeath usa Join Date: 2016-02-28 Member: 213559Members
    Thank you for the stream also, Love your game and a BIG thank you to all who worked on SN over the years.
    After 751 hours in game, I know I will enjoy many more hours to come. Again Thank you. <3
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