We could use a 2nd entrance for the cyclops, here's my suggestion where

TacticalHogTacticalHog Join Date: 2017-05-04 Member: 230229Members
[Location of proposed hatch in solid white, at the back](http://i.imgur.com/k12qmlu.png)

[and comp of what sexy Mi-8 doors look like](http://imgur.com/a/O3odd)

the idea came to me in a dream/nightmare lol also in my dream, the cyclops began to flood and a warper came in through the vehicle bay doors, swam up past the ladders to where the water was still flowing into the top half of my cyclops, and proceeded to claw and crawl it's way out of the water towards me [like an octopus]( but way faster

not even joking I was so goddamn scared


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    Hm. While there may not need to be a secondary door, it would make sense that if the vehicle docking bay in the cyclops is upon, the player can enter the cyclops from the doors leading to and from the dock. That's always bugged me that you can't enter the open bay from outside...
  • Isummon_DurtIsummon_Durt Lower MiddleEarth Join Date: 2017-12-09 Member: 234349Members
    Maybe you can enter the cyclops through the doors leading into the vehicle docking bay while the cyclops dock is open. And you could, like you said, be in danger of a creature entering that area while attempting to dock. Or, you could intentionally do this in order to capture an organism after rigging up a trap or whatever; with the ability to open and close the bay at will from a switch just between the dock and the engine room.
    Also, as for your 'warper' idea, I was thinking that it'd function more like this:

    (Cut to about 1:35 into the video for the scene)
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    Inside the bay would be a latch to flip in case of emergency or to open it close the bay doors you would either go into the cyclops and close the doors to the bay once inside and flip the switch or the bay doors would open for you and your could flip the switch making the bay close and the water to drain out
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    I've always wanted a hatch where you could enter from the side of cyclops into the room with the seamoth.

    Might not make much sense, but sometimes I have to swim down to my cyclops, and going down and around with 0 O2 can be frustrating. XD
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