Alien structures built off of infestation automatically create cyst chains

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Instead of actively restricting the dropping of alien structures to infestation, all major alien structures can be dropped anywhere but automatically create a cyst chain to it from the closest cyst or "cyst hub".
Within this system hives, gorge tunnels and contamination cysts act as "cyst hubs" which don't need to be connected to an existing cyst chain and can act as the origin point for future cyst chains.
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    But then the structures would die/be dying instantly.
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    When you put it like that then there would be a delay needed which you can abort.
    Example you want in ns2_veil SubMainhive cargo RT... you "drop cargo RT"... automatically cysts will be dropped (probably inefficiently, since you can have 3 cysts to defend rt from decysting or dropping cysts manually which cannot be easily shot without giving up optimal positioning)

    As a comm you would see the the harvester in cargo marked and after it is cysted it instantly drops the rt (Ress are spent like a blueprint and can be canceled - before it gets infestation)

    This part could make the game more userfriendly.

    But other aspects like Gorgetunnels as Cyst-Hubs deny any point of "cutting cystchains". That would make cysts even stronger than they already are (450 are already annoyingly strong)-> bad idea!
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