Post 1.0 Precursor tech

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I have seen implications of there being a in base teleporters possibly implemented in an expansion post 1.0. I think this would be a great idea, and could use the Precursor tech. An expansion based on precursor tech could have lots of potential. A few ideas for this include:
A base telerporter-enables quick traval between bases. This would enable bases in areas outside the Safe Shallows to be more relavent, as with a small teleporters base in the shallows you could build ANYWHERE without having to worry about resource collection. It would make gathering much quicker an less of a chore. It would also make building multiple bases a valid option without forcing the player to do so.

Precursor Droids-I've wanted to see the precursor Droids have a use for a while now, and this would be a great opportunity to implement this. The Droids could be reprogrammed or built and used to repair bases or the cyclops automatically.

Precursor Sub-The QEP has a giant moonpool that was probably a dock for a giant precursor vehichle. This would be a neat implenentation. A wrecked one could be found near the DRF, which would make that base more important. Not sure what it's role would be, but it might could be a research vehicle of some sort. Perhaps give it a vacum or deployable grasper arm to pick up fuana and flora and place them in a small aquarium on board.

A new story area would be great as well, perhaps an optional base on the Lilly pad islands

There would hopefully be some other cool features as well. Would you guys be interested in this?


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