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    I hope we will implement like 90% of this thread!!

    the only thing that's technically tricky is the drone. if it's remote controlled by you, and you have to stay still while driving it, that's pretty doable. but if it's meant to fly around on its own away from you, that gets tricky cuz we'd need to keep two parts of the world loaded. are there any games that do this? state of decay kind of does, when people go off on missions, but I suspect that's mostly faked. and it'd be harder for us to fake things, since our world is 3d.

    Minecraft, while multiplayer, has an item, an anchor, to keep parts of the world loaded on the server even if there isn't anybody around. However that part is static.

    Interesting. Why would someone use the anchor?
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    Well my suggesting involving drones which can mimic movement from aquatic creatures to crawl into small spaces and stuff, was mend as watching through its 'eyes'. So indeed only one camera.

    Whats the fun in sending a drone in a area you can not access only to have a discovery pop up? You want to see it!
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    Interesting. Why would someone use the anchor?

    Mainly to keep loaded parts of the map where you have machinery that are constantly working (to produce something, or a quarry that takes days to dig into the ground...), as they stop working when no one is around.
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    Regarding "anchors", the expectation is that you could keep the world going in those areas, so that plant/animal life would continue to interact. You would use this in cases where you want to, for example, help a species along by feeding it, but don't want to hang around for hours just to find out if it worked. This is an exploration game, not a babysitting game.
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    I would like to be able to build structures, Not sure if its feasible but if you can make submarines that move and are customizable, making things that don't really move seems like it would be simpler. Or of course a floating city could also be really cool too. Especially if you could accidentally sink it if you aren't paying attention and drift over a reef or get caught in a storm.

    Makes anchors seem like a good idea for, you know, anchoring things.

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    I want to craft something to see light polarization like a cuttlefish. The net effect is to see the normal-map directly to pick out camouflaged creatures.
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    light becon/flare - small litle lights that can be atached to walls so i can easly find my way out/ maybe emiting light that burns
    out? or maybe a line that i can atach on entrance and it pulls me out when im low on oxygen.

    fix mud - mud to patch holes in subs (temp. fix thay goes out in time and sub starts to leak again)

    Nitro serum/fuel - for the engine in sub and for the player to recive a nice speed boost!
    Boosters - equipment to boost my speed tempopary.

    Divers watch - with dept/oxygen/time compass on my hand

    Oxygen cords - a cord tha will let me resuply my oxygen without going above water.


    water turbine that generates electricity from carrents

    Algae Solar Panels

    Flashlight upgrades
    Colors that will calm down (blue light) sea creatures or make them agresive (red light)

    Music-Making Plants - It would be a nice addon that would let you mix music using plants!
    It may not be the most practical application of algae, but it’s certainly fun and interesting. French students Marianne Cauvard and Raphael Pluvinage used agar-agar (red algae) to make music. Entitled ‘Noisy Jelly’, the project molding the gel created by agar-agar into geometric shapes, which are placed on a sensor board that creates music when it’s touched.

    I still hope to see Nautilus some whare

    This would be all that my brain produced ;p
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    Bio-luminescent squid or other such animal leads to an ink pod that leaves a light trail. While it lasts, the ink provids minor illumination, but acts as a breadcrumb trail for longer sojourns or cave exploration. Customize color based on the player (ie: "I found a blue chem trail. Fred has been here recently.").

    (@CarNagE1, I swear I didn't see your post before I wrote this one.)

    Chemiluminescent spray so you can leave messages for people or decorate. Based on how the game plays, this may not be at all useful.
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    Bio-luminescent squid
    Doesn't even matter if its squid, bioluminescent sealife is the coolest thing ever. Looks amazing.
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    Research and studying of alien life is a must, along with cataloging it. EndlessOcean had a sort of aquarium you could set up with different animals youve discovered and that was really fun, if theres farming of animals in this game that could be something.

    I think when it comes to the wildlife, a lot of focus will be put on to the larger things, but the tiny little bite sized ecosystems should have just as much attention, looooot of biodiversity in water.
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    One thing that could be cool would be if you could integrate bio-engineering into your ship, so by developing an organic coating compound that you could coat the hull with that would attempt to self seal/heal over small breaches, or act like an electric eel in aiding defense from... large threats..
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    Those things Charlie posted seem to be one-offs.

    Are you thinking craft for (tech type) upgrade or supplies?

    I was thinking along the lines of materials for expanding bases and placing remote stations. That might require bots to automatically collect or transport stuff between bases.

    (In my mind the map area is very large and you expand out from a central base which might require forward bases or remote mining/growing/farming bases connected together with transport bots which shuttle the stuff around. Naturally you need to craft all the stuff to build these bases, head out and place them and then build transport bots to arrive and pickup cargo (and drop off input materials). No idea if thats what it is going to be like. :)

    It might be interesting to make a global market for some of the supply commodities (although i realise balancing these can be painful, so maybe it has to artificially produce/sink them to keep it reasonable).

    (See other post on anno2070's community feel).
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    Inject plasmid, become a mermaid.

    This is going to be great~
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    I think it would be cool to have a degree of customisation over your diving suit, (coming from a SCUBA diver ;) ) where you can research, craft and fit out upgrades, but at the expense of other upgrades or speed. Suits should also have limited air and power - makes operating at deep depths and night more difficult. I.e. sure you could create a hardened pressure shell to allow you to dive deeper, but it will make you move more slowly, and being so bulky your inventory will be reduced - so you either need to take less air tanks, or less batteries (for lights), or have less free space to collect and bring back stuff from the deep black. Same with manuvering/ propulsion jets - they might make you fast, but they might drain battery power faster, so you have to use more inventory on batteries, drop some other gear that you dont want to lug around, or just use them sparingly. :)
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    Hey there,

    first of all im not much of a crafting gamer. I LOVE leveling up, purchasing add-ons and managing game elements (like the sub) but I have no time nor interest into fiddeling around with thousands of different materials to craft a better air tank. I understand that much of this might be needy (well you crashed your spaceship and need to fix your stuff somehow) but please do not force me into this awkward minecraft scheme where crafting is an own science, there has to be a not so attention-consuming way of getting better tools as well, I just want to explore and ride gorgewhales, not having to pick up every rock on the way. :)

    That said, these might make the exploration better:

    - A beacon to have my Sub follow me around, kinda like a horse whistle in red dead redemption.
    - Different kinds of baits to lure fish away from treasures, to electrify them so I can catch them and so on
    - In-Sub-Aquarium to collect crazy rare fish, same with plants
    - A deep-sea suit to really drown myself in the darkest pits

    Eventually it would be awesome to have a set of these :) :

    Aaand. As this is some kind of crazy alien waterworld it would be gorgeous to see northern lights, comets raining down and maybe even asteroid rains where one can't get to surface for some time!

    Tried all 4 Prototypes now and you guys are doing an tremendously nice job again! Looking forward to the future. :)
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    Playing the prototypes made me wish to have some control systems.

    E.g. if you want to dive you have to adjust the levers the balance between the front and back. Otherwise the sub will loose it's balance.
    I don't want a computer that does everything on its own (maybe in the endgame stuff). I would find it more interesting if the player could craft some very small microchips, with free chooseable inputs and outputs.
    The input is an accelerometer, wich measures the tilt of the sub.
    The chip takes the input and the player can define outputs for this.
    E.g. more balance to the front and less balance the back.

    The key factor is that the player should be able to connect "everything with everything". This would give the player an incredible amount of stuff to create. He could build depth control systems, navigation systems, small automatic factories and much other stuff. Depending on how complex it would be, he could program his own small robots etc.

    I would however totally understand if you would not implement this into the game. The system could easily be too complex for many people, or some mistakes could lead to fatal accidents (e.g. if the player defines the input or outputs for the tilt wrong, could make the sub "correct in the reverse direction": meaning it would tilt even more than before.
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    - A fishtank to store a captured creature, and keep it as a pet in my submarine
    - An even larger fishtank, so my pet can grow larger
    - A leash so I can take my pet outside
    - Stuff to train my pet to make it loyal to me so I dont need a leash
    - Dyes, so I can color everything I have ( including my pet by consistently feeding it dye of a certain color )

    So yea mainly a pet. If we dont get multiplayer, a pet is the next best thing! ;)

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    Not sure if this has been suggested but whatever :p .

    Being able to make chum to attract certain predators.

    Also, I still think there isn't a whole lot of attention to the pressure in deep water. Upgrade suit and tanks to change between in really deep water. Also, when you capture an animal, the 'cage' needs to be pressurized so they don't explode. Probably need to upgrade containers and/or the sub to accommodate the critters.
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    A nice computer to play the game...just kidding, legit though I haven't played it.
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    Wow, these were some cool ideas. It's a shame that the research system kinda got scrapped.
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    Well, I'm sure a fair number of the things I want have been discussed but dismissed, but I think there are things that I would really like to see.

    Large high-maneuverability submarine: somewhere between the seamoth and the cyclops in size, leaning closer towards the cyclops so you can get an excess in storage and energy capabilities but can still tip forwards and backwards to maneuver like the seamoth. The cyclops is difficult to steer as an exploration vessel and takes somewhat longer to exit than the seamoth not to mention being difficult to handle to the point where in my later play-throughs I have depended on the sea moth for exploration all the way down to the very edge of the Lost River and will continue to use it even as I venture down into the Lava Zone. I will have to abandon the seamoth eventually, but I really don't want to have to go back to the cyclops. A versatile and highly maneuverable assault and exploration craft with a medium sized cargo bay would be great.

    A lot of players might just look for supplies and minerals when they need it, but I really prefer to hoard what I can. As such, it becomes very difficult to keep track of which lockers are free and which are full. Maybe, alongside the locker display screen, we have an LED indication for the locker's fullness. Green for completely empty, yellow for some space left, red for completely full.

    A underwater vehicle construction bay would also be nice. It's really annoying for me to be base creeping into the lava zone, accidentally break a prawn suit, and then have to go all the way back to the surface base then rummage through the storage lockers until I find the mobile vehicle bay is annoying. It'll be good to create an underwater vehicle construction bay, especially if you can add upgrades before you drop the submersibles into the water to get crushed by the pressure. Just a large room with a vehicle build function would be great.

    Another thing I want is a proper mapping room. The scanning room is very limited in terms of customization and also quite difficult to use to do anything but to get the most basic of ideas of the area around me. The terrain plotter like on the seaglide for example would be great. Having a tool or room that maps out every area that I've explored/scanned with sonar from a submersible would be incredibly useful, especially if I can place customization markers that would show up like beacons on the minimap that I could go towards.

    I also want some more stuff for my base. A sofa is one, I also want a coffee table. The multipurpose room is also quite small, having a larger square room to build a proper lab or a bedroom with lots of tables and chairs would be nice. More variation on tables would also be something I would really want to see, a long table for multiple people even though I'll likely always be alone. Planting pots that could be placed on tables would also be nice. I would also like for the fabricator to be able to build all of the items which we looted from the Aurora like the prawn suit posters or the Aurora miniature.
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    @dasCKD what about something like this also please let me know if nothing shows
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    @justi18562 Yes, something along those lines. A deep sea exploration craft that handles more like a spacecraft than a submarine. Moving the cyclops anywhere is really such a chore.
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    I don't know if this will work but what about something a bit smaller than the cyclops but bigger for storage than the seamoth and looks cooler @dasCKD
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    Also yes I would like this to be considered a possibility for a new vehicle including the last one.
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    @SteveRock what do you think of either the big cool one or the smaller concept Volkswagen idea?
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