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1.upgrades for the base
2.Fabricator can access base inventory through update
3.Air conditioning against heat
4.Heat increases the water requirements of the player
5.Heat increases the possibility of a fire on the base (unless you cool down the base)
6.Show how much electricity an object generates or needs
7.Energycells for Base backupenergy
8.bigger map/biomes
9.bigger Storage
10.stackable items
11.Mount bracket for fire extinguishers
12.Refill fire extinguishers
13.Be able to turn the power down for seperate rooms
14.Npcs: Survivers of the Aurora, Degasi or maybe another ship gets shot down after the crash of the player how the precursors look like

sorry for my bad English tryed my best :)


  • ShuttleBugShuttleBug USA Join Date: 2017-03-15 Member: 228943Members
    Some of these ideas are polish and already planned ideas and will probably be implemented before or after v1.0
  • Colt1983Colt1983 Deutschland Join Date: 2017-07-30 Member: 232132Members
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    There won't be any NPCS, expect the Sea Emperor would technically be a NPC since I think you can't kill it. If you can kill it then it is considered a mob. But anyways, every other idea is nice
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    I agree with all of this except the NPCs and the fabricator searching through storage. The whole point of the game is for you to be the lone survivor.

    Making the fabricator search through all the storage would cause a ton of lag. It would have to search every spot in the base for every ingredient needed in the recipe. If you have 4 or 5 storage lockers worth of stuff, this could take a while and cause lag
  • justi18562justi18562 Join Date: 2017-02-28 Member: 228386Members
    @Timelord_Fred how do you feel of an upgraded fabricator with storage to add two ingredients into it click on what you want, leave it and see a certain amount of the product depending on size in the storage.
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