Rejoining a server after your game/computer crashes

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Hi there,

there has always been a problem in which when your game crashes you cannot join the same server for a while, because that server somehow thinks that you are still in it.

The classical solution during matches for this problem (as far as I know) has always been to kick out that player, so he can rejoin. But in pubs you have no solution for this. Sometimes you crash while commanding and you have no way to reconnect... and even worst is that the rest of the team may take too long to realize that their commander crashed

Could this be solved somehow? Maybe if you are trying to join a server that already thinks that you are in it, it could automatically kick out the fake version of you...

Or even better, if the server is not really connected to a client, shouldn't it be kicking out that dead client automatically?


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    If memory serves me right there's a few factors here that could be looked at, however to be honest the way it is setup right now is probably for the best and probably unlikely to change.

    Security is the #1 issue as to why this happens but not the only reason as it has varying factors, I’ve also interjected something else somewhat related which has irked me for a while now.

    In this case it’s a form of DRM to make sure that you don’t have 2 client Id’s connected to the server at the same time, so there’s a timeout given for your packets to stop flowing and it disconnects you from the server, the server updates the steam network to do a check to see if you are connected to the steam network (back in the old days it would just boot you if you couldn’t make a connection to steam, loss of connection to steam, not sure if this still happens as this is a Valve/Vac thing and NS2 does implement that as you’re using steam)

    The other reason which plays into this is which is loosly related is that (not the same problem but it can can be affective for the same purpose)

    Client timeout is to protect you incase someone kicks a cable, your modem restarts (just enough time, try it you can restart your modem and be in the server still) – technically this could be lowered but it shouldn’t be (not the issue here, but slightly part of it) because without client timeout the server would simply boot your connection when it lost all packets)

    If you really want this to be alleviated you could request for two things which would be nice (increased frequency of updating to steam network, or even a separate thread updater for this) and for the client timeout function to be enabled to all users in the console so we can happily set it to lower if needs-be in case of the other issue. (withen confines of servers settings to stop abuse)

    It’s just far more simple to have active admins on and people that notify of look hey that guy isn’t respawning he has been dead for x amount of seconds and his ping is frozen and then vote-kick, surely your community is mature enough to notice those things yeah?
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    And you'll get 20min ban out of the votekick, yay
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    From experience, timeout is roughly 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It seems like plenty of time to do what Archie described, nah ?

    edit: to clarify, I'm on Blrg's side thinking the delay before the disconnected player gets kicked out is way too long. I don't think the game needs over 2 minutes to make sure the player should be kicked, so the delay can probably be decreased.
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    I find it not realistic at all to expect people to react like that, and that fast. I've not seen it anywhere, not a single time, not a single server, except in gathers

    The team with the com that crashes will be for sure severely punished by it before anyone even notice it. I've seen it many times. And i've read several times (after one of these games) someone saying: "lol that com was so bad, he got over 100 res and was doing nothing and then he left the server"

    you are asking for a fast response of a community that too often is unable to eject a commander who starts the game with armory+robotics factory and no extractors, even when you try to calmly explain everything over and over again

    What I would be kinda able to accept is if you told me that this situation doesn't happen often enough to try to change anything, because it would produce other problems... I can't argue with that, I don't have your expertise in the area.

    I was just hoping that there was an easy solution
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    Tactical Gamer solves this by letting you log into their website and kick yourself from the server before rejoining. One of the many reasons I enjoy playing there. Other handy server functions that improve quality of life include auto-server restart and auto-reconnect on server crash as well as player swap requests for manually balancing teams and getting comms. Maybe try asking your server operator for similar functionality?
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    Blrg wrote: »
    for something that probably should be done automatically when trying to rejoin the server.

    Wow, that's impossible.

    (although every known MOBA does it nowadays)
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    Related, FWIW:


    Concur re: "a little extreme". FWIW, the site TGNS provides to its players for immediately rejoining after client crashes uses Steam credentials, so no login is created.

    I can appreciate some serverops not wanting mods to further enable UWE's feature negligence, and I know that some serverops unconcerned with that don't all have the technical ability to create their own solutions, but it's sooo very nice having teammates immediately back on the field when they crash. TGNS also gives appropriate p-res to reconnecting players for costly lifeform/equipment lost in the crash, so as to further minimize the crash's disruption on gameplay.

    UWE has such limited NS2 dev resources. I encourage serverops to effectively solve their problems as they're able and let UWE provide a more polished solution as continued demand warrants.

    I hate seeing "Why hasn't UWE given me this feature?" and "I don't have this feature." be bedmates unnecessarily. Go for it!
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